Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Wilma Subra, Voices From The Gulf

Dr. Wilma Subra, Voices From The Gulf

Dr. Wilma Subra
P. O. BOX 9813
Committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of citizens, Wilma Subra
started Subra Company in 1981. Subra Company is a chemistry lab and environmental
consulting firm in New Iberia, LA. Mrs. Subra provides technical assistance to citizens, across the United States and some foreign countries, concerned with their environment by combining technical research and evaluation. 
This information is then presented to community members so that strategies may be developed to address their local struggles.
 Utilizing the information gained from community involvement, the needs identified are
translated into policy changes at the State and Federal level through service on multi-stake holder committees. She has just completed a seven year term as Vice-Chair of the Environmental Protection Agency National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT), a five year term on the National Advisory Committee of the U. S. Representative to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and a six year term on the EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) where she served as a member of the Cumulative Risk and Impacts Working Group of the NEJAC Council, and chaired the NEJAC Gulf Coast Hurricanes Work Group.
Mrs. Subra holds degrees in Microbiology/Chemistry from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She received the MacArthur Fellowship, Genius Award from the MacArthur Foundation for helping ordinary citizens understand, cope with and combat environmental issues in their communities and was one of three finalist in the Environmental Category of the 2004 Volvo for Life Award. 
I wish to thank Dr. Subra for taking time to make this message available.


  1. Thank you for your voice and bravery in telling the truth. I was already aware of all of this information, and pass it along to all I meet. The sad thing is that most people living in Florida along the Gulf Coast, depend on tourism for thier income, and are staying quiet about the truth - in fact are perpetuating the lies told by b.P. and our government. Some are listening though, and it's just a matter of time before all the ugly truth emerges and spreads like wildfire across this country - thanks to those brave and morally concious people like you who stand up for what's right and true. Everyone here where I live in Florida has been sick wiht sinus issues, cronic coughs, headaches, fatigue....but most are brainwashed to believe the "allergy season" never ends.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. Please share this widely.


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