Friday, March 29, 2013

BP Slick Is Back!

After a long absence due to personal and disaster related matters I have decided that the public needs to hear the truth about what's happening in our Gulf of Mexico.

I have been honored with an invitation to visit the people of New Zealand to help expose big oil for what it is.  A ticking time bomb capable of destroying entire lifestyles in a single "incident"

What better way to do that than to let the people of the Gulf of Mexico in America speak directly to the Maori through BP Slick interviews with real people in a real life energy sacrifice zone.
BP disaster 05/07/2010 by JLW

The first in the series "Voices From The Gulf" is Cherri Foytlin. Cherri is a mother of 6 beautiful children who was thrust into an activist roll by the Deep Water Horizon disaster of 2010. She later took matters into her own hands and walked from Rayne La. to Washington DC. (more than 1,400 miles)

To my new friends in New Zealand, Kia Ora... Meet Cherri.