Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Byron Encalade, Voices From The Gulf

Byron Encalade, Voices From The Gulf.

Drew Landry (left Byron Encalade (right) ((Click to enlarge))
The second in a series of interviews with South Louisiana Fishermen, Drew Landry took me to Byron Encalade, in East Pointe A-LA Hache, LA, a small fishing village in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  He engages in harvesting seafood, oysters and shrimp; also in transporting seafood along the gulf coast states.  He is currently serving as Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Constable 3rd Ward, American Legion Post 430 Judge Advocate, Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Seed Ground Permit Appeals Board, President of Louisiana Oystermen Association, President of South Plaquemines United Fisheries Cooperative and most proudly a lifetime member of the Wolfhound Pack 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society, Inc.

Louisiana barrier island oyster bed

Byron has been an oysterman all of his life and tells it like it is for his friends and family 5 years after the BP oil disaster.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Acy Cooper, Voices From The Gulf

"Voices From The Gulf"
There is too much going on in the Gulf region today to address it with only one post and account from the people's voices. This is the first installment of a year long expose'.  I will be releasing a series of video interviews from the region over the next year. During the entire 5th I will try my best to expose first hand accounts of as many impacts to the fisheries and more importantly, the people.

We have all heard from the BP ads and lawyers that all is well and the Gulf is recovering. We have heard the stories of the incredible amounts of money BP has supposedly paid to impacted families. Please turn off the BP tv commercials that BP paid for and listen instead to the "Voices From The Gulf"

Acy Cooper, Vice President, Louisiana Shrimp Association

Acy Cooper isn't a scientist, lawyer, or corporate giant CEO. He is the vice president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association. A fisherman working in the Gulf of Mexico today while BP claims the Gulf is healing well and everyone is being compensated. Acy has the eyes and ears of the fishing community in his area. Take time to listen to his account of the shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico, 5 years after the BP disaster.

(Click photos to enlarge)
His account of what the fishing communities are facing is startlingly different from the B P ads and what our government wants interior America to believe. (BP = Bought Paid for)
People all over the world who are confronting the deep sea drilling monster should share these stories widely. 5 years after the Deepwater Horizon, BP disaster we are just now seeing the long-term impacts. It only takes one "spill", "incident", one disaster to completely change the way of life for people who are directly impacted.