Friday, April 22, 2011

BP to provide $1 billion toward early restoration projects in the Gulf

Coastal marshes, like these in Louisiana, could be restored with this funding.

Under an unprecedented agreement, BP has agreed to provide $1 billion toward early restoration projects in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the largest agreement of its kind ever reached. These projects will begin to address impacts to natural resources caused by the Deepwater BP oil spill.

Early restoration is restoration that can beimplemented prior to the completion of the natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) process to achieve restoration faster. So, this agreement can be seen as BP's down payment toward the yet-to-be determined full cost of the damage to the Gulf Coast.

The agreement does not affect the ultimate liability from the spill for BP (and the other responsible parties) but provides an opportunity to help restoration get started sooner. This money will put people to work restoring the Gulf without having to wait for the results of the NRDA and pending litigation.

Restoration also will address the lost use of natural resources by the people living, working, and visiting the area. Project selection will follow a transparent process, overseen by the trustees.
Types of restoration that could be funded include:
rebuilding of coastal marshes,
replenishment of damaged beaches,
conservation of sensitive areas for ocean habitat for impacted wildlife, and
restoration of barrier islands and wetlands that provide natural protection from storms.
BP will continue to fund the NRDA and, together with the other responsible parties, ultimately will compensate the public for all the impacts from the spill.

Learn more in this press release issued by the trustees or read the full text of the agreement (pdf).

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  5. GodSend,
    Give it a break. This blog is for people to come and learn about what is happening in the Gulf, not get railed on and preached at with all of your alien gloom and doom.

  6. CREEKKEEPER, et al

    Pay attention to what is happening in the world around us - not just the GOM! GENOCIDE (of the Human Race) is happening all around us, just like a recent post here says. I'm afraid you're just one more of the dumbed-down "Sheeple" - like ttaylor1967! Go to my wordpress blog and listen to the William Pawelec interview. The aliens that you disparage are all around us. THEY LIVE! Maybe you're one of THEM!? THEY look just like you or me! :o

  7. PS As a famous German philosopher (Schopenhauer) said (paraphrased): "The Truth goes through 3 stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

    That holds true for GOM Truth, 911 Truth, Fukushima radiation Truth, ALIENS Truth and a whole bunch of other Truth (currently more accurately described as DECEPTION), too numerous to enumerate. ;)

  8. My last post to you, God Send, is that I am not a sheeple. I KNOW scripture! God says a lot, but none of what you are writing do I read in HIS word. You are not the sole authority, yet you constantly speak ill of people. I pray that God judges between you and me because of your rude remarks. Conviction comes from God's Holy Spirit. Condemnation comes from the enemy! Your fear mongering is really annoying. I hope you stop soon. Have a little faith. Focus on things that are pure, lovely and Holy. God's will(judgment) is even good in that it will make all things new and will bind once and for all evil for eternity. We will never have to battle evil again. So if these are the last days, and Jesus said, "No man knows the hour...", then even the last days are a blessing. God can spare this little area(Louisiana) if He desires. I pray that He wills it. As for aliens, God made mankind in His image. There are no aliens, other than illegal immigrants; you are being deceived by demons. I hope that you are well and hopeful. You are not here dealing with our struggles. May God richly bless our land for His namesake. His love endures forever! Maranatha!

  9. I hope the gulf coast recovers and that people recover. Our life on the coast is usually a paradise. I hope that we get to live in our wonderful gulf coast area in peace for a very long time. I hope our fishing, shrimping, and water sports return to perfection!!!!! I hope this for ALL of the gulf coast: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.....


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