Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Fresh Oil Dead Fish Cover Grand Isle As Crews Bury Fish On Public Beach

This is Not the State Park But Zone 1 Public Beach


  1. Keep burying all this oil. Were do all the bottom feeding food chain of invertebrates live?
    No where now!

  2. Those look like deep water red snapper! 68 ft.+

  3. Has anyone thought to call the Parks and Wildlife Enforcement division or the EPA and file charges?

  4. Huge quantities of oil and pollutants are poisoning the Gulf - from the bottom up. Before long, it will be a DEAD GULF! Meanwhile, topside, the pollution is spreading to the human population surrounding the Gulf. Pretty soon, they will be scooping up dead bodies at night and burying them in mass graves. Just one more "cover-up" (literally) by our CRIMINAL Federal Gov't.

  5. now we know what those fema coffins were designed for.

  6. Great job getting the videos out. There is a total media blackout of this event. I live in Massachusettes and have been trying to get information because, I could not believe that the oil just "went away" as they would like everyone to believe.You guys are the only ones exposing this for what it really is...Keep up the good work and PROTECT YOURSELVES...we know BP or the Goverment won't.....Out of sight out of mind has been working so far. I am so glad you are bringing this back into sight...Thank You ..................

  7. GodSend and Patricia said it best.
    In addition to the fatal poisoning of wildlife and the ecosystem, reports are flooding in of people getting sick due to fumes, exposure to the dispersant, etc.
    THANK YOU for sharing these vids.
    People need to know this!


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