Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dr. Michael Harbut, talks about the human effects of exposure to petroleum products.

This is a message and post from Pam Batson, Mobile Resident effected by BP Slick.

"This is good. 

Dr. Michael Harbut, professor of medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit  Everything he mentions is EXACTLY the symptoms we've seen exhibited in the Gulf region repeatedly since the spill. The other day I was talking with a guy who has ...walked the beach every day this summer and was complaining that he's lost most of the feeling in his feet. I hadn't heard about that, but Dr. Harbut addresses it here, that neuropathy and nerve damage are common. The other day, against my better judgement, I walked barefoot on what appeared to be a clean beach. Afterwards, the soles of my feet were orange. The dispersed oil is not always apparent, but it is there. No more barefoot walking on the beach!"


Curbside Consult, Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards, Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State University, August 5, 2010:

See here for Dr. Harbut's closing remarks and contact information:

For more information or to download the full 22 minute video, visit

Hexane info starts at 6:50 in


  1. Dr. Harbut is a great physician who specializes in Occupational & Environment Medicine, he is my doctor and I thank him very much for saving the lives of my children and me.

    We were exposed to very high levels of mold in our first rental and had he not came into my family's life then it is good to say that I may not have been around to write this review today.

    Once again, we are exposed to mold in our second rental...Michigan needs mold laws and I am asking that everyone reading this review who lives in Michigan please, write your State Representatives and petition if necessary for mold laws here in Michigan, they are needed and landlords need to be held accountable for their neglect to their property and to their tenants.

    Dr. Harbut is one of three Occupational & Environmental Medicine Physician's in Michigan, so by all means write his name down and keep it in a safe place, because if you are ill from mold, you will want the very best physician to care for you and Dr. Harbut is the best in his field.

    Dr. Harbut is kind and considerate and the one thing that I truly love about Dr. Harbut is that he is not the kind of physician who hurries his patients out of the room and I like that, it lets me know that he truly cares about my concerns and he is putting everything that concerns me first and it feels quite good inside to know that he cares for all of his patients this much.

    His office staff is A-1 and they all have the professionalism that make a patient want to return to be treated by Dr. Harbut.

    I believe that Dr. Harbut truly loves his career but most of all he truly loves his patients.

    Top of the hat to you Dr. Harbut and thank you for being my top-notch physician. Your word as well as your dedication to the field of medicine and the respectful staff you have all are okay with me. My favorite all time person is Mildred (hope I got her name right) is just great and I enjoy talking with her when I come in for my appointments, when she is giving me my PFT and I am huffing and puffing walking up and down the aisle, brings on a lot of laughter, because I am sure that I am looking pretty funny by then, lol...Anyways...laughter is the best medicine.

    However,like I said before, Dr. Harbut got it going on and if you want a highly skilled professional who is very caring and considerate to his patients then Dr. Harbut is your only choice!

    Dr. Harbut is the only physician you will need to handle your occupational and environment medicine needs. He is truly your man...after all he is the man with the plan to get you better quick.

    Thanks Dr. Harbut
    Sincerely yours,



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