Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 more dead dolphins

Posted: Wednesday, 23 February 2011 7:30AM

5 more dead dolphins

Scientists have now found a total of 19 dead baby dolphins along the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast.

The latest discover was four dead baby dolphins on Horn Island off the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Sun Herald reports another was found on Ono Island off Orange Beach, Ala.

Scientists are scurrying to find a cause. Researchers took tissue samples from the dolphins.

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies director Dr. Moby Solangi says the cause could be anything, including the cold weather or a change in food habits. Scientists have not ruled out possible
effects from the BP oil spill.

Scientists said so far, four calves in January and 15 in February have been found dead along Mississippi and Alabama shores.


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  2. Nice [NON-VULGAR] words cannot give true explanation of what is really going on here. Therefore, I have nothing further to say...

  3. A Song For Our Dolphin Friends. Recorded by IceMan and his friend David on the harmonica. He is trying to spread the word of what is going to most certainly be the worst man-made disaster to hit the US since 911. But alas even our hero, IceMan is not immune to the effects of the VOC's. His blood test results are high in several different toxins produced from crude oil. The IceMan would never ask for help, so I am for him. Please pass this video on to do your part too. The dolphins and us are counting on you.


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