Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dog Rescued By Dolphins In Florida Canal (VIDEO)

Dog Rescued By Dolphins In Florida Canal (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/24/11 09:14 PM Updated: 02/24/11 09:18 PM

When 11-year-old doberman pincher Turbo escaped from his home last Sunday night, he made some unexpected new friends.
Owner Cindy Burnett said her pooch had been missing for more than 15 hours when neighbors heard a loud splashing in a nearby canal. Upon investigating the scene, they found Turbo stranded in shallow water, surrounded by--yes--dolphins.
A very grateful Burnett said her pet was "shivering and in a lot of distress...if he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn't have been able to."
WATCH (via NBC 2 in Florida):


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