Sunday, February 6, 2011

Renee Blanchard Save Our Gulf Campaign Coordinator

Renee Blanchard

Save Our Gulf Campaign Coordinator
Renee comes to the role of Save Our Gulf Coordinator from her second stint at Greenpeace. At Greenpeace International, Renee served as a Green Electronics Campaigner residing in both Amsterdam and Oakland, CA. At Greenpeace International, Renee coordinated the quarterly released Green Electronics Scorecards, co-authored the third edition of the Green Products Survey, and kept the pressure on the electronics leaders to create a more sustainable industry through other campaign tactics. In her first stint at Greenpeace, Renee campaigned on the Green My Apple and Kleercut campaigns while serving as the Campaign Associate.
Renee also coordinated the Childproofing Our Communities Campaign for the Center of Health, Environment, and Justice, where she led statewide environmental health initiatives in Florida and Maryland, coordinated the national Green Flags School Program, and coordinated the National Safe School Siting Working Group. The National Safe School Siting Working Group is comprised of local, state, regional, and national groups working to make sure no child goes to school on or near a contaminated area.
Renee was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but spent a lot of time in Florida, Washington DC, the Thai/Burma border, exploring Europe by rail, and cycling through sunny Oakland, CA, all while developing her passion to eliminate toxic chemicals from our bodies, our communities, and our planet.


  1. I am told she has what it takes. A very close and trusted friend at Green Peace recently told me that WATERKEEPER Alliance picked a real jewel for the Gulf Coast Coordinator.
    Look her up folks and giver her a welcome worthy of a WATERKEEPER member.

  2. Hi, Renee - I am a reporter who covers New Orleans and LA environmental news. I'd love to do a Q&A with you. Pls reach me at at your convenience.


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