Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blood Beach Blue Crab covered in oil

This male crab in covered in oil and has the smell of petroleum.When we scrape the stuff off of him it is the same stuff you get off your car engine.


  1. I've bought live blue crabs several times in the past, and they don't look anything like that...

    ...the lungs/gills should be a clearish-white, the legs should be white and the back shell should be a deep blue.

    That looks like it fell in the drain pan from my last oil change!

  2. Wow! I hope these crabs aren`t going to be sold for consumption. I have never seen such Ill lookings crabs. I wouldnt even want to handle one!

  3. it's a little brutal watching a live crab being ripped apart, wasn't expecting that, maybe you could post a warning

  4. Oil or not, isn' there another way of disseminating a crab? this is blatant animal cruelty!! BIG FAIL!!!


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