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Spill Into Washington Rally a Success

Spill Into Washington Rally a Success

Sep 6, 2010 Karen Stephenson
Boycott BP chants outside the White House - Rick Frye
Boycott BP chants outside the White House - Rick Frye
Labor Day weekend brought people together from all corners of the U.S. bringing proof that the government and BP have covered up, not cleaned up the Gulf. 

Boycott BP chants were heard outside of the White House this past weekend. September 4 and 5, 2010, brought together numerous speakers who presented a plethora of data, research and personal anecdotes demonstrating that the American government and BP have not responded in the manner they should have. Spill Into Washington rally speakers provided valuable information that proves the horrific effects of this oil disaster that occurred on April 20, 2010 have yet to be fully realized.

Spill Into Washington Rally Organizer Lydia Johnson

Lydia Johnson is a sociologist and organized this successful rally. Ms. Johnson spoke about plutocracy. “We live in a plutocracy and this means corporations control the government. The American government is powerless because they allowed BP to control the clean up.”
In an interview with Suite101 on August 24, 2010, Ms. Johnson asserted that BP has executed a massive cover up of the truth. While the American government appeared to be no where in sight, “BP was there and started a dictatorship. Not even local politicians could get answers nor the truth out of them.”
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She quoted a statement made by BP, “We’ll do what we can to help the small people.” Ms. Johnson indicated that this remark clearly demonstrates how this corporation truly feels about the Gulf coast residents. She also stated that there has to be a “huge awakening and people need to start getting involved before it is too late because corporations have too much power.”

Kindra Arneson

Kindra Arneson is a Louisiana resident who was “politically sedated” until April 20. She has spent time with BP officials and she says “BP is not doing any cleaning up; all they’re doing is covering up – covering up the oil and covering up the truth.”
Ms. Arneson also stated that when there is trouble around the world the Americans are “first on the ground, yet when something serious happens at home – I have one word, Katrina.” She also spoke about the dispersant that was used to break up the oil, “BP poisoned 40 million people and our government allowed them to do this.” She said people everywhere are ill suffering from burns on their skin, brown liquid dripping out of their ears, respiratory problems and nose bleeds.

Dr. Linda Hooper – Bui, Eco-System Biologist

Dr. Linda Hooper is an independent scientist at Louisiana State University. She stated at the rally that many scientists from this university have been “bought” by BP at a rate of $250 to $300 per hour to produce data for BP litigation. These scientists were forced to sign three year confidentiality waivers therefore eliminating the peer-review work that is considered essential. As Dr. Linda Hooper stated, “BP is operating without any checks and balances.”
The Louisiana Wetlands are America’s kidneys. These wetlands are seriously damaged and are now unable to do their job effectively – to protect the Gulf. “The marsh grasses that I have seen are flattened and they are black. The booms are not working because oil is making its way over or under these and storm surges are pushing them further into the marsh.” She indicated that she and other independent scientists will remain active in their work in order for people to have access to the truth.

Rick Frye

Rick Frye is a former Louisiana resident and founder of the Boycott BP Facebook page. He stated he had to leave his home with his wife and child in order to find protection from the chemicals. He said, “I didn’t want my daughter sprayed like a cockroach.” He indicated that what is happening to people now is only the tip of the iceberg. “There is a serious health crisis looming and 14 million people will get cancer in the next ten to twenty years.”
Gary Holland, audio engineer for Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau since 1983 served as MC for this event. He also spoke out against what he stated are crimes that BP has committed.
Red Bridge Productions provided live Internet streaming for the Spill Into Washington rally.
Rally organizer Lydia Johnson and all the Spill Into Washington speakers hope that the people of the United States will wake up and research the evidence that is out there. Their message is that this drilling disaster not only is the worst man-made environmental disaster it is one of the biggest human health and environmental cover-ups in history
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