Monday, September 6, 2010

Hurricane Creekkeeper speaks (loudly) on Capitol Hill

Hurricane Creekkeeper speaks on Capitol Hill about the BP Slick oil disaster.
Great crowd that morning, good music and good friends.


  1. John,
    Ur speeches come from the heart, from painful experiences much I had in Alaska. U have inspired me to become a "keeper" myself, after getting back to NY, I looked and there are no waterkeepers from Buffalo NY to the St Lawrence River...That is 350+ miles.....unacceptable. we have major water issues here including hyrofracking....Hope I can ask u for help in the application process the Finger Lakes and Eastern Lake Ontario are a HUGE resource.......just look...Ur speeches in DC were great...u are an inspiration..keep up the good fight my brother......
    Rich Metzler

  2. Thank you again John for advocating for our earth, our home. There are so many people behind you. The more they try to bury this story, the more people look for it. Don't worry, they haven't fooled anyone. Keep up the excellent work!

    Suzanne W., Indiana

  3. Hey Bro Things have came A long way from the Stokers Paddle Club! The Hurricane Creekkeeper Speaks For more then the creek now days Keep up the strong voice! keep it up Great work for MOTHER EARTH For with Her Will All Be DEAD

  4. How about not blaming BP and blaming the American companies that were hired by BP (Halliburton etc.) If these people were competent in their jobs in the first place then this disaster possibly could have been avoided. Typical Americans always looking to blame everyone but themselves.
    Maybe Americans should help the countries that they have screwed up, a few to name (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq). Possibly then, the worldwide public might have some sympathy towards. Long live BP!


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