Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tracy Kuhns, Louisiana Bayoukeeper (June 2010)

 This really is my last post!

Tracy Kuhns, Louisiana Bayoukeeper, was interviewed by a video crew from Bridge the Gulf in June 2010. She talks about the impact of the BP oil disaster on her fishing community in Barataria, Louisiana and her family, including her husband, fisherman and Bayoukeeper Mike Roberts, and their grandson Scott.


  1. Deepwater Horizon animated accident report:

    BP's investigative team tries to explain this whole thing.

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  3. fischsterben

    Die Auswirkungen der Öl und Corexit-Pest werden wohl noch sehr lange spürbar sein und noch mehr Menschenleben und Tiere fordern. Da werden auch die Milliardenzahlungen nichts daran ändern !!!!


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