Friday, February 11, 2011


I took a walk along the beach Feb. 09, 2011. I had seen the many ads placed on your TV and news outlets all over the world paid for by BP proclaiming“The oil is gone and our beaches are clean”. The one that really gets me is how safe the seafood can be when this is what our beaches look like.

I have visited the locations seen here many times during the BP crisis and seen it in various conditions. This last trip was as bad as it was in July during the height of the disaster at sea. The real disaster has just begun I am afraid.

It is my sincere belief that this is only the beginning of years of BP dispersed oil episodes on our beaches and in the food we eat.

It isn't hard to walk along the beach and see that things are not well. Despite constant cleaning, the beaches are still covered with dispersed oil balls 10 months later. 
The same people who claim the beaches are clean are the same people who claim your seafood is safe!
                                       WAKE UP AMERICA YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!


  1. I'll go first... Thank you John for the heartbreaking pictures. I know it is not easy for you... or anyone, to go out there and witness the devastation of our beautiful Gulf beaches. To know that BP, Halliburton and Transocean are literally getting away with murder. Add to that, the fact that our very own government has condoned and perpetuated the lies the American public is being fed. From the bottom of my broken heart... Thank You! <3

  2. public people would come to help share to people need help can't use to company city to clean it all the time people too need help them not left them out made city people tired worse out to work not get pay at all??? ask people who will to help them?? and i will love to help but i am from Washington state it hard for me go over there no way??

  3. If Halliburton is as bad as BP claims, then why are they still using Halliburton to cement the relief well and others? There are plenty other companies out there that compete against Halliburton. The reason is Halliburton did exactly what BP told them to do against proper procedure because that is what service companies do. Now, Halliburton is a scapegoat. What a mess!

  4. keep posting updates, pictures of beaches,affected animals, frustrated fishermen, it won't go away if we keep the consequences fresh in people's mind.

  5. Thanks for your time and work -- indeed, we must continue to remind people -- the disaster continues and has not been resolved. We are fortunate we no longer depend on MSM -- WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE, but it is our responsibility to speak and pass this information to all who will look and listen. A wave of voices will not be silenced.

  6. From BP about lay-off...
    "January 26, 2011

    Dear Valued BP Supplier:

    The purpose of this letter is to formally confirm that all work which was being performed by your company that is within the Scope of Work, including that performed by any subcontractors, has been terminated by BP, and, all actions have been by Contractor to terminate the Scope of Work and safely demobilize any Contractor resources deployed specifically to support deliver of the Scope of Work."

    Texas workers who either would not or could not speak English have our jobs now!

  7. THANK YOU John, for posting and sharing this. It saddens me greatly to see such destruction and degradation in my home state. Without your efforts, people would remain unaware.

    Nathan Soren
    Coosa County, AL
    current - Denver, CO

  8. John, this is so frustrating because we are being handed the height of indignation: Being ignored. (Remember us wives who hated being ignored by our husbands? What did we do? A lot of us walked out. Some of us were able ''to turn it around'' - But most of us just decided to work around it.) I cannot think of anything to do and that's frustrating too. I'm glad you report it, that you take the time to document it -- I know those are important steps in changing what has happened and making those responsible forced to change the way they do business. It seems nothing gets changed until there is a great sacrifice on the part of the people. I don't want to see it. I don't want to see people sick from the seafood or sick from the dispersant. All in all, deeply sad, sorrowful and frustrating. Thanks for being faithful to reporting it. Isabel

  9. John - Thank you for helping to get the word out. I have been trying to do all I can with my friends around the globe & in America.

    Unfortunately, both my husband & myself (heck, so is 1/2 of our small town) are sick with the BP respiratory crud & having lower leg & feet pain from heavy metals we inhaled May - July last year, with ongoing exposure from the dew that falls every morning. At 50, we're very well aware how the corporations are taking over America.

    Most people still don't know they are now part of Canada! Yes, on Feb. 4, 2011, Barak Obama & Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) signed agreements that will end the independent financial & economic systems of both countries, merging them into the North American Union with Mexico to be added shortly. Se European Union Times, dated Feb 12, 2011.

    People - if you want to know what's going on, I suggest you go on the net & search out Reuters, Russia Today, Huffington Post, FloridaOilSpillLaw, & other sites like this one.

    If you are waiting to hear what's happened on CNN - keep waiting. The US is on total blackout about this, Canadians have "filtered access" & are furious!

    We had a beautiful farm & home just 23 miles north of the Bay. My garden was totalled last year while nobody wanted to hear about "toxic rain." Bird population has plummeted. One of our best young goats miscarried, while another had a deformed baby. We have been coughing almost a year now & developed leg & feet pain in December.

    I'm a bit worse off than the rest of the family, because I was exposed down at Gulf Shores, filming & taking pictures of the horrible thing they have done to our Gulf.

    Make no mistake, America - This is depopulation in its purest form. We have Coast Guard & military planes spraying over our homes 23 miles inland! Why? I haven't seen oily waves in my front YARD, for God's sake! Yet, I was sprayed while in the pasture with my goats & we were wet when we made it to the shed. This was in August, after they had stopped using Corexit, remember! The miscarriage happened on August 8th & the live births (1 kid deformed) were on October 7th. I have been bleeding from every orifice since, but am getting a grip on it with high doses of Chlorella.

    We have sold our silver, livestock, equipment & are thinning personal possessions... We leave for South America in 67 days.

    America has been sold out from under us, folks. And all this while the Amerkian Sheeple slept...

    It breaks my heart that no one cares. Maybe they're all watching Dancing with the Stars or Keeping Up with the Kardashians... Much more important that the future of the country, eh?

    1. My heart breaks for you. I know about the planes and the poison they sprayed. I hope your healing and doing well now that you've left this so called land of the free. I don't think our fore fathers meant free to poison our on citizens. . .Oh wait, that's right BP is not American. So how did this happen?

  10. Thought I would share something with You All.
    Trisha Springstead

  11. I own property along the Gulf Coast, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and believe me, this breaks my heart! The oil has gone SOMEWHERE and who knows when and under what circumstances it will re-surface. All marine life is forever changed, and, let's face it, not even BP nor the top chemists and biologists in the world can predict the eventual outcome of this disaster. BP will never take full responsibility, nor will the Gulf Coast ever be the same. Please continue posting the comments and reminding everyone what greed and lack of concern for both our environment and the human race can do.

  12. The Federal Gov't is a habitual LIAR! They lie about the GOM, they lie about 911 and they lie about our economic disaster - and WHO caused it. Click on GodSend to get to the bottom of (pun intended) the GOM MESS and all the other messes in America. We can't all escape to South America - we need to stay and FIGHT the habitual LIARS (and CRIMINALS/TRAITORS) in our Gov't!

  13. The ONLY person to blame is the supposed president..bho...he did is in his plan for c02 (greenhouse gases) and his cap n trade...everyone needs to start thinking this way..if you do you will understand WHAT is happening. It's all manmade errors...and that spells C*O*N*S*P*I*R*A*C*Y to me. I would feel a lot better if I knew a piece of equipment failed (man made BOP fail...not a DEFECTIVE BOP) bho refused real help...and allowed all the corexit to be dumped and still allows for feinbergs follies! WAKE UP FOLKS...your president did this...not the big oils!! There are MANY other clues out there! Do your research!!

  14. The current WH resident is just a "Front Man" - like Bush was - for sinister powers and their AGENTS which lurk in the undertow. Click on GodSend and the scales of ignorance will fall from your eyes. Be prepared for SHOCK & AWE! as you descend down the rabbit hole of reality!

  15. iam heartbroken by the plight of the poor people in the gulf and have been following it very closely daily my advice to folk down there is to buy a table top water distilling machine mine cost 200 uk pounds (iam in scotland) mine makes 4 litres of pure water from my disgusting tap water every 5hrs it is removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body iam sure it would greatly improve the health of the people who are being bombarded by corexit etc, also use the distilled water for cooking and washing fruit and vegetables. my health has greatly improved since i bought my water distiller, for anyone who has open wounds i would recomend washing with the pure water and few drops of tea tree oil i hope this information was of some help god bless all the dear people of the gulf area. xxx mary.

  16. Talk on, talk on... CRIMES have been committed against you, me, us and the whole planet. It is (mass) Murder. The Criminals are getting away with this as with all their countless other crimes. They care not about you or what you think. Sticks and stones will break their bones... Just sayin'.

  17. From the very beginning, I said this whole "DISASTER" was being massively overblown, and this video shows clearly that I'm right. Tiny little balls of tar? The color looks a little off? Are you kidding me? Thanks for proving to me that this whole thing was another left wing enviromentalist scam from day one. Shut up and go swimming for God's sake.

    BJH Connecticut

  18. My dear friends

    Over two thosands years ago a great Hebrew prophet wrote to warn us about these day in which we now live.
    You can read of his warning in Hosea Chapter 4:
    Every word this prophet wrote has weight to add to the life of those of us who are alive at this time.
    Please look at verse 3 and weep with us that no one would believe this could ever take place. He wrote " Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwells therein shall languish, with the beast of the field, and the fouls of the heaven yes, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.
    We all mourn when we see what our woundeful white beaches have become.
    We all languish that there is no one that can change things back to the way they were.
    Having grown up in Pensacola and later moving to Mobile I love the beautiful beaches and the walks along the sea shores. They are now gone forever in this life time for me. I hope that things are not as bad as they seem. That hope is all I have.
    On the other hand there is a silver lining behind this cloud.
    The same prophet tells us that there will be a end to this evil beastly system that put money above the life of the people and that there is a wounderful life awaiting all those who will believe what he has written. Are you amoung those that truly believe the Scriptures?
    If so you may find what you are looking for at this web site.

    With time running out for this Evil Beastly System be sure you are on the winning side when the smoke clears.

  19. Thanks for the video. Where are the birds, fish or people? Talk about Desolation Row.

    'People' DO care but if the Government ignores and continues to ignore then either louder voices are needed or lunch on the White House lawn is called for..... seafood from the Gulf.

    If the U.S, government is now buying Gulf seafood to feed to the troops and allows for depleted uranium to be breathed by all and sundry then .... where to from here?

    People care.... corporations don't.... and the U.S. government is a corporation.

  20. awesome footage/info thank you!

  21. The Death toll is not calculable,for it will 10 years before the cancers show

  22. Here is someone that is a professional @ spreading lies while mixing in a little truth to make the lie pass as true .

  23. Here is the best video I've seen on the GOM life threatening event to date...

    It ain't pretty, but neither is a sheeple's backside.

  24. Want to make a statement to BP? Stop buying their gas! Also, stop buying ANY products they produce. Individual people control the fate of BP. Just stop buying from them.

    Stop the constant wining about the sheeple, Government, BP, Illuminati, Agenda 21, etc. Nothing is going to stop all of it from happening. Americans are soft and lazy. That is why these problems exists!

    No one is going to protest in this country. Americans have no will to survive and defend themselves. They buy poison Chinese products. They allow Mexicans to steal their jobs. They let the government look into their clothes to see their private parts. When people are willing to let strangers see their junk, the party is over folks!

    The Religions are as corrupt as the Government. God has to be incredibly disappointed in this iteration of mankind. So much evil running and ruining the lives of billions.

    Man has reached the end of his existence on this planet. He's already dead and doesn't know it.....

  25. As usual these rich scumbags have no regard for anyone or anything...when it all falls down it will repair itself, but only when the scourge called "man" has vanished....

  26. The lies are even worse than you thought. The gusher is still gushing and the Corexit is still being sprayed. Go to Debra Dupre's website "The Human Rights Examiner" to learn more than you ever wanted to know. DO NOT eat seafood from there.

  27. What about the military buying up all the seafood from the gulf? This is going to a lot bigger than gulf war syndrome

  28. Well maybe there could be something done about this but right now we have to forgo these and other problems for more pressing issues.
    The government iss spending 37 billion on naked body backscatter x rays to look in our womens and children's pants. That is far more important than a little dirt on the beach.The roads and infrastructure also have to be put on hold.Too bad the terrorists are making us buy all that X Ray equipment for our safety.
    Maybe once we get enough police and X Ray machines to finally make us all safe from civil unrest and the real terrorism Al Gore will come out of the closet and save the environment in the Gulf.I bet Al Gore could fix the beaches if he really wanted to.

  29. Maybe the locals could offer rooms and meals on a pay whatever you can afford "donation" basis. That way, those that can't can take a look, and those that can can have the satisfaction of helping others.

  30. It is so darn sad to watch all of these man made disasters and those in charge sitting in their easy chairs laughing at the people across this nation. And for some reason, the people of America cannot move a muscle to stop it.
    Where have all the true Americans gone? Will we ever be able to stand and fight when every so called freedom has been taken from us?
    Obama needs to cut his puppet strings from his masters and grow some guts. He looks like nothing more than an extension of the Bush regime.

  31. ObamaRahm-a, Bush-it and BJ-Bill were/are all willing Israeli butt-kissing residents of the WH and extensions of the Zionist Slimeball regime in Israel, while their puppet masters in Tel Aviv (Sharon, Olmert & Netanyahu) were/are dancing and singing "Hava Nagila" (Let us Rejoice). OK, Sharon hasn't done much dancing and singing lately but Bibi is still celebrating 911, along with the 5 Dancing Israelis who were sent back to Israel by the FBI with 1st Class tickets on El Al to become Israeli heroes.

    Meanwhile, millions of American Sheeple have been boob-tubed and out-FOXed for ages and, when asked what they think of America's destruction at the hands of the Zionist Slimeballs and their current WH resident, can only come up with "bah, baahh, baaahhh!" Then its back to the boob-tube, Oprah and American Idol - and another 6-pack. No wonder America is going down the tubes!

  32. I think it is time for 'we the people' to start making Citizen's Arrests...look at what we have allowed THEM to's incredibleThis is OUR earth and we must keep ANYONE that messes it up accountable...THIS is our HOME..we would not let anyone come into our home (even if we are sharing) and do anything like what they have been doing!

  33. Thank you for the update this is a tragedy and we will not let it rest.

    My small contribution for what its worth .
    people affected physically perhaps can ask their doctors about the Hubbard detox protocol used successfully on 911 workers..


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