Sunday, November 28, 2010

COREXIT FOUND at Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA. November 27

 BP and the Coast Guard claim no more dispersants are being used in the gulf.

Our friend and sister on the Gulf took these shots.
It's bad enough to lie, but so arrogantly is more that I can stand. (JLW)

"So today I went to the pow wow. It was great. The REALLY wierd thing was in the same place we usually have the pow wow BP had a center for their equipment. The super wierd thing was that ther was acres of natural non- toxic stuff rotting away, while there we 176 empty containers of COREXIT 9527A, with barge and boat dispensers right by them. Weird, huh? I so happened to have a camera, of course.. so here ya go, draw your own conclusions folks... btw, can you say SERENDIPITOUS! All things to the Father." (Cherri Foytlin)

Photos were taken November 27, at Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA around 3:00 in the afternoon.


  1. Until WE the PEOPLE file a WORLD CLASS ACTION SUIT similar to those who did so with the TOBACCO INDUSTRY, and unless we are prepared to remain consistent and persistent with all claims, things will remain the same and these oil giants will get away with murder. We are nothing but collateral damage to them, as we were/are to all huge industries past and present. Who will lead the way?? The internet will work in collecting worldwide signatures for the worldwide class action suit. So what are we waiting for??

  2. Oh and p.s., right below this post are 3 ads, one for Oil & Gas Drilling Opportunities, one for Condos for Sale on the Gulf Coast, and one for an Oil Claims Lawyer available in Destin (Florida).

  3. If these pics were so easy to get where are the pics of the spray/ dispensing equipment? The single most important item to prove that this is anything but a storage point. How about the barges?
    Gonzales is a long way from the GoM.

  4. Anonymous, there are plenty of pictures on line and thru our pages on FB. Sherri, and others who risk their lives every day to get these pictures, they are our heros fighting the good fight. We must stand beside them to continue to expose the truth. Robin

  5. There are plenty of pictures showing the spraying operation and equipment. For one see

  6. Anonoymous (like the name)
    I don't control the ads. It is a free site and I kind of have to put up with what they post.

    HEY! Marlow Thomas is on here right now.

  7. I have been Contacted by a Medical Journal to do a 5 page spread on the spill. Called "The Scene of the Crime". I have submitted to two other Journals, my openings and they are interested also. If anyone could send me some stills we can use one full page for Photos.
    Thank YOU, and may we continue to Fight for the rights of the poisoned.
    Trisha Springstead RN MS


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