Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ocean Springs Fishermen oiled and out of work

My first memories of the Gulf Coast were in this house in Ocean Springs.

I used to walk a few blocks from here to catch crabs for dinner.
My cousin Elick Gilmore took me to the mouth of the same Little Bayou shown in the video below and taught me to cast net for Mullet.
I remember it being lush and green with marsh grass and small trees. BP oil came ashore and changed it forever.


  1. Thank you John Wathen and God bless you Bubba and Lorrie. Your heartache is apparent and you are so very right that we need to come together and fight this, not draw lines by state borders. This is equally devastating to the entire Gulf region.

  2. I like this ..This was very good and I agree..there are no lines separating us along the Gulf shore...We are all one and this is no contest to see who has it the worse..That does not matter and never has.. We haven't time for that... We have to gather together when ever we can and fight for the Gulf and our environment...The air does not stop at the Alabama /Florida border....Nor the Ms / La border.. Tks guys for all you do...Hopefully we can all meet Monday with one voice...and let it be heard loudly and clearly...

  3. I'm Steve Kennedy and I own a Bio Tech distribution company. We have the product that can clean up this Gulf mess but as we all know BP and our Government is not going to take responsibility. Here is what I am proposing to do. If we can set up a fund raising system of some type we can call it Save the Gulf I can sell the product for our cost and for a small markup to cover my costs for traveling and expenses. We will need people who will be willing to share there equipment and resources like boats, generators and a few other pieces of equipment. We can help and show you how to start cleaning this up. Read this very carefully and understand what I am saying here. Our microbes are anerobic, meaning it will not create dead zones in the water as the eggheads want you to believe.No harm will be caused the only thing that will happen is the oil will be digested away. One gallon of our product will treat one million gallons of contaminated water.
    Now also understand we will only be able to discharge this off private property into the gulf water and the reason being no public property will allowed to be accessed. If we can discharge into enough discharge points along the entire coast, the microbes will do the work for us, we just have to be patient and let mother nature heal her self in which she will.
    Anyone interested please contact me st our web site is

  4. I am a fisherman from alaska. I am lookin for a few boats this year for the salmon, halibut, herring, and dive fisheries. Can someone point me in the right direction my email is

  5. I take it back...please remove my comment.


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