Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BAD NEWS from Bayou Barataraia

All hell is breaking lose!  My boat was on the spill clean up, along with many others from our community. Mike had Billie running the boat.

Oil filled Bay Jimmy on 6/6/2010.  The guys said it was 3 ft deep in places. They were trying to lay boom to contain it.  All that night, the guys said they could hear helicopters flying all over.  They couldn't see them, but heard them flying over.  The next morning all the oil had magically disappeared. 

On 6/7/2010 we received calls from men telling us about it. Then we started getting calls from folks in our town saying to come check out the water in the canals behind our homes.  There were clouds of dispersed oil about 1ft below the surface in all of the canals off of the main bayou.  When we grabbed a bucket full and ran a paper towel through it, the paper towel came up covered in little orange/red dots of what we believe is oil.  The following morning

6/8/2010 we found oil floating on the surface (looked kind of like floating snot globs) ranging in size from quarter size to around 5 in around.  We ran a white paper towel through the water and it came up looking, feeling and smelling like oil.  The air in our community smells of oil and some sickly smell.  My grandbabies were swimming in the canal on Sat.  I am praying it was in here yet.

6/8/2010, Billie called and said he was bringing in our deckhand because he was sick.  Bad muscle cramps etc.

6/9/2010:  Fishermen were describing helicopters spraying something, at night, from helicopters that reminded them of being in Vietnam, when they were spraying agent orange.  The same type of system!  Everyone is getting really angry about the spraying of dispersants.  They are going to kill our estuary and most likely us!  This has to stop. 


  1. this is a brilliant piece of cinematography. we've seen miles of footage of oiled beaches, pitiful shots of dying and dead animals, and way too much of political apologizing. as bad as all that is, it's time someone did just this and gave a human face to the catastrophe. thanks for the great work, john!

  2. Can anyone identify the helicopters? Military or corporate? When will the common folk of Louisiana see they're dancing with the devil when they work for the oil conglomerate?

  3. get some night vision goggles and a camera that works in the dark. You can Id those helicopters if you post the pictures

  4. please keep blogging, and getting pictures if you can. and best to you and all who are suffering because of the greed of big oil and the corporatism of the government.

  5. What barbtries said.
    Keep blogging when you can. You are one of the few sources that is actually on the ground that represents people affected.

  6. Carolyn in MandevilleJune 15, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    I hate the greed of this world. I am just sick that your way of life may not continue because of it. I remember my father taking me fishing as a little girl. The wonderful smells and excitment came back to me as I watched your video. I also remember the people and envied their way of life. Hard working and getting to do what they loved. I am so very sorry.

  7. Please keep posting. Wish I could be over there to help clean up. Really feeling your pain and anguish. Best wishes and good strength to all in the affected areas.

  8. Please keep posting! Don't loose faith - while BP and the government are acting like snakes in the grass - there are citizens out here that really want to help! If you have suggestions as to how we can help - please post! Will continue to pray for you, your family, your area!

  9. God bless all of you and to hell with BP and all corporate giants that don't care about our waters or our way of life. I live in the north east part of Alabama and I cant smell the oil but I sure feel your pain. The world needs to wake up and find another way before we have no world to make a way in.


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