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Diamond Offshore Confirms No Leaks

Diamond Offshore Confirms No Leaks of Oil from Ocean Saratoga Drilling Rig

 HOUSTON, Jun 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. (NYSE:DO) today confirmed that there have been no leaks of hydrocarbons from the semisubmersible drilling rig Ocean Saratoga. The rig is under contract to Taylor Energy Company LLC and engaged in the process of plugging and abandoning wells damaged when a Taylor Energy production platform was toppled during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
As previously announced by Taylor Energy today, Taylor is continuing its ongoing well intervention program, using the Diamond Ocean Saratoga, with full approval from Unified Command. The well intervention program at Mississippi Canyon Block 20 is the result of the destruction of a production platform caused by a mudslide triggered by Hurricane Ivan. The platform was toppled by a subsurface mud slide triggered by storm surges with 100 foot waves.
As reported by Taylor Energy, the wells were covered by more than 100 feet of mud and sediment and only four wells were capable of production without pressure assistance. The associated surface sheen was minimal and never made landfall. As a result of deploying three subsurface containment domes and performing six successful well interventions, the initial average observed sheen volume of nine gallons per day has been substantially reduced.
Unidentified aircraft took photos this weekend that incorrectly reported an oil leak coming from the drilling rig Ocean Saratoga. At the time of these photos, Taylor Energy was actually conducting marine operations on site with a 180 foot dynamically positioned workboat for regularly scheduled subsea containment system drainage. The tanks mistakenly characterized as containing dispersants on the boat's deck, were actually tanks to store and transport the collected oil as it was pumped from the underwater storage system.
"The effort is continuing as directed by the Unified Command," said Will Pecue, President of Taylor Energy. "We have been working consistently and successfully with MMS and the U.S. Coast Guard to address the resulting environmental impacts of one of the ten most intense hurricanes ever recorded by the National Weather Service."
Diamond Offshore provides contract drilling services to the energy industry and is a leader in deepwater drilling. Additional information on Diamond Offshore and access to the Company's SEC filings is available on the Internet at
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SOURCE: Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.

Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.
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Does this mean... "We could be right, we could be wrong" 


  1. Ive been keeping up with this Saratoga rig and Im grateful more professionals as yourselves are as well.
    I do not and have not believed a thing they are
    saying concerning this.
    Three domes later and one pause.

    The idea they are flying night missions of dispersants is highly disturbing.


  2. Gulf Oil Spill-Bioremediation Solution Restores Environment In Just Six Weeks

  3. What do you make of this scenario?

    Oil Volcano Pressure Too
    Strong For Containment

  4. 5:26am:

    Without watching rense, I can say many of us from certain sites have been mentioning this for some time now.
    Us dummies have been questioning the balance of pressures from the coming up vs the forcing 'mud' down. How could one possibly balance that pressure from '2nd largest' oil pocket on the planet. The same pocket which has incredible pressure to release itself since someone has drilled and released openings for that pressure.

    BigOil has screwed the pooch. And they know it.



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