Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Slick... A New Source?

Going on a tip from Sky Truth, world renowned photographer Henry Fair, SouthWings pilot Tom Hutchings and Hurricane Creekkeeper, John L. Wathen Flew a photo mission over the BP Slick and beyond. At about 12 miles off the mouth of the Mississippi River we encountered another leaking oil rig! The plume was either coming from the drilling operation or the boat itself. In any case it is large enough to be reported.

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  1. Im aware that Reliance/OceanSaratoga/DiamondOffshore has stated there is no leak.
    However, I am highly suspicious when this company has to use THREE domes and still cannot shut this 'leak' down.
    Hasnt it been six years?
    Diamond refuses to comment 'on the spill'
    while also saying there is no spill.

    Im looking forward to your pictures.
    Thanks for a good site.


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