Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waterkeeper Alliance is keeping an eye on BP spill

From the World Fishing Network,

Part Two...


  1. As your blog has some attention, would you please make up your mind about this video and help spread the news if possible?

    Thank you!
    cs. (from Germany)

    -> Gulf Oil Spill Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks

    The contact info provided in the video is:

    21699 Hwy 40
    Golden, CO 80401

  2. John Wathen is bringing the needed truth to the attention of this great and overwhelming disaster. The Earth is speaking to man and rejecting his exploitation of resources beyond acceptable levels to maintain a healthy planet. We are nothing without the treasure of life giving environmental beauty. Thank you John for your passion and care. My heart is joined in this concern.

  3. All ideas of shutting this thing off are being submitted from this site to incident command. Noting is ignored.

  4. La realidad de este desastre ecologico queda corta en estas imagenes bien captadas por Huracan Creekkeeper, no desfallecer para que el mundo entero tome conciencia sobre los daƱos colaterales de los que BP es responsable frente al Planeta. Felicitaciones John, un abrazo de Waterkeeper fraterno.

    Romulo Zarate Parada
    Meta Watereeper Colombia


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