Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shrimper's advice for Obama: Quit acting like you work for BP

I love Rachel!

Thanks for paying attention to these folks. They needed you to be there!


Shrimper's advice for Obama: Quit acting like you work for BP

A new video from Hurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen, who brought you that amazing flyover video of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
[John Wathen's BP Oil Slick]


  1. Goldman Sachs Dumps 44% of it's BP Stock Weeks before Oil Rig Disaster ? hmmm sounds fishy
    like fish covered in oil....

  2. Hi,

    There may be some hope for these people.

    There are boats specialized in retrieving oil out of the sea here in France.
    They have been waiting for days that BP finally accepts to finance this operation. The French minister in charge of environment is ok with the operation.
    One of the boats can retrieve 100 M3 per hour that is to say more that 30000 gallons per hour out of the sea water. Smaller boats can get into smaller areas like marshes or Barataria bay.

    It's a shame that nobody cares when it's possible to clean the sea instead of cleaning the beaches and looking at the marshes and birds dying.
    It's a shame that nobody cares a rat's a&& about this oil spill devastating everything.

    I wonder is the boats will be allowed to enter Federal waters...

    There EXISTS methods to prevent that monstrous absurdity from getting even worse when it never should be that long and that bad in the first place.

    Here on the site of the company, you can find plenty of information on how it works. Apparently together with a tanker, the extraction capacity is only limited by sea roughness. From the videos I've seen waves in the Gulf of mexico are no joke so it may be a limitation.
    You can turn the language to English.
    There's a short movie which explains quite a lot. The explanations have a distinct Frenchy touch but I think it's clear.

    The Press Review on their site is heartbreaking: they have been proposing their help from Day 1.... But BP cares a r&t's a&& and the USA government was in the "We're the big one. Keep off, midgets" mode. Since May 28 the USA has officially requested external help so it seems that call unlocked the situation.

    I'm not sure the system has ever been tried on such a large scale for real but at the present juncture, it can't be worse than the rest. I hope this company has a serious offer; the system has been tested in off-shore emergency "exercices" in case a tanker gets wrecked near the French coast.
    In all cases it seems that the company is backed by the French government as far as diplomatic problems are concerned. It seems that this operation cannot be implemented without high-pressure diplomatic lubrification. It takes that monster to be out of control until people become reasonable...
    Apparently they developed that because they are fed up with oil spills on rocks and beaches in Bretagne so I guess they have expertise. At least they have drive.

    Another article states that one boat (the biggest) is already under way and that 8 more are scheduled in the next two weeks.

    Apparently the creator of the company is planned to arrive in New Orleans today (June 5). (He was supposed to fly away Friday)

    Hoping that things get better.
    Next time I have fish or shrimg I'll think about you. And it may well be today.



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