Monday, March 21, 2011

Matterhorn or not???

This rig is sitting where the Matterhorn is supposed to be. Matterhorn is nowhere to be seen from the plane.
Photo by JLW

Photo by JLW

The name on this rig is the Nobel Amos Runner. There were as many as 30 heavy winches that all had cables in the water.

There are rumors flying that this rig had a problem capping and blew oil for a while. I need to find someone to substantiate this to do a complete story.


  1. John is the Noble Amos located as below, the cable winches are securing the platform, (TLP platform) tension leg platform, i was unable to locate noble amos in the mms dataset , rigzone has it status as workover thou no lat,lon

    MatterHorn according to MMS is at

    28°44'32.17"N, 88°49'32.28"W

    28.742269° , -88.825633°

  2. Not sure, I will have to check with the pilot for correct GPS

  3. The Matterhorn is located at N 28.44'32" W 88.29'32" The Amos Runner is 1 mile to the north of the Matterhorn. If you would have looked behind you would have seen it.

    The Noble Rig Amos Runner is drilling wells for LLOG to be tied back to W&T Energy VI's Matterhorn Facility.

    The Matterhorn is a clean facility and was nominated for the MMS Safe Award in 2010. There is always good fishing and lots of marine life around this location, even though it is only 20 miles west of the BP Spill location.


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