Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Hurricane CREEKKEEPER at work

I have been so busy with large scale disasters over the last few years that a lot of folks do not actually know who I am and what my REAL job is. Here is a more pleasant video of my my creek and why it is so special to me and our whole community.
It's small, it's one of a kind, but it roars with a precedent setting voice of restoration and recovery from years of abuse.
It is my source of strength and solace.
Creekkeeper and Smokey Joe, by Ken Robinson

Take a trip down Hurricane Creek in Tuscaloosa, Al. with John L. Wathen, Your Hurricane CREEKKEEPER.
Hurricane Creek is the Southernmost free flowing stream in the Appalachian Mountains. It's location on the Fall line of the montains gives it a rich flora and faune found only in comparison on the Tibetan Plateau according to Dr. E. O. Wilson

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