Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Dead Dolphins Wash Up On Orange Beach Alabama

Two of my friends and fellow activists, Lori Deangelis (Dolphin Queen Cruises) and Robin Young, both of Orange Beach, Al, and both who were with me in New Orleans on Monday for the EPA meeting, found this young dolphin washed up on their beach today. We know of 80-some-odd dolphin deaths this year, and we're not to the height of the birthing season.


  1. A Song For Our Dolphin Friends. Recorded by IceMan and his friend David on the harmonica. He is trying to spread the word of what is going to most certainly be the worst man-made disaster to hit the US since 911. But alas even our hero, IceMan is not immune to the effects of the VOC's. His blood test results are high in several different toxins produced from crude oil. The IceMan would never ask for help, so I am for him. Please pass this video on to do your part too. The dolphins and us are counting on you.

  2. So sad! I can barely stand it.


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