Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ongoing Disaster In The Gulf 1 year later

 Ongoing Disaster In The Gulf 1 year later

Horn Island Mississippi by JLW flight by On Wings of Care
The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is far from over. Fishermen are put in the position of being FORCED to go out into water they know in their hearts is not safe for sale. Many of the fishermen I know personally will not eat the catch from their own boats. If they speak out they are chastised by their fellow fishermen for putting their jobs in jeopardy.  These people should be compensated for every day they have to stay out of the fishing grounds until the waters are truly safe for human consumption.

All photos, video, editing and opinions stated are mine and mine alone!

It is heartbreaking what is happening in Louisiana but that is not all of the story. Reports surfaced of oil in Alabama, Mississippi. Because the brunt of the main impact was seen first in Louisiana the rest of the oil has been ignored for the most part. 

I saw oil on two flights on two days well over 100 miles apart and in currents that will not allow the so called sediment / algae bloom to travel upstream to Mississippi and Alabama!

No one expect the responses to be perfect to these incidents but we demand the truth about them when they happen.

What is happening to the communities effected by this is almost criminal. The oil industry has basically declared them an energy sacrifice zone with no recourse but to play by the rules, leave, or die trying to survive. Fishermen must either fish in contaminated water and sell their catch to unsuspecting Americans or go without means to survive themselves.

John L. Wathen

Slides from the March 19, 2011 flight with On Wings of Care

Slides from the March 20, 2011 flight also with On Wings of Care.


  1. This seems it.....I am an environmentalist 1800 miles away.....I'd go out in the boat tomorrow if I was at home. Mainstream media eschews it. Only left media about a coast guard report....something official to multiply by 5 to get to the truth.....kernel as it might be,.....

  2. Although the complete damage to the Gulf and fishing are still to be determined, much of what we think we know about who is responsible is not correct. I know more than I can say at this time, but when the responsible parties are finally identified, it will change some minds about some of the players in this disaster. Companies who have not been named prominently in this tragedy will finally be forced to step up to the plate.

    Over time though the truth will come out and compensation is owed to the many people whose earning capacity was nearly destroyed or in some cases completely destroyed.

    As someone with family members who are commercial fishermen, this is something I pray never happens again, especially in this area of S.E. Louisiana, the hardest hit of all the areas.

  3. Do you have any reports by scientists to back up your claims? Most of the empirical studies I have seen show that food from the Gulf is safe.

  4. Thanks for the information and reporting the truth!

    Is Florida being impacted at this time, I live in Destin and wondering if we can expect the same?

  5. Please - everyone - watch the documentary called "the corporation" ASAP. The media is owned by corporations, and their bottom line is MONEY, not truth. Corporations will not be held accountable unless brave souls like John Wathen speak out. If we stay silent, we'll get what we deserve...

  6. If you are reading this please re-post anywhere possible. We need the truth spread by individual since we do not have the millions BP and other responsible parties do to buy the truth from people.

    By the way, very minimal impact in Destin Florida, most damage to Florida in first 2 counties....

  7. Where is it (oil)coming from?

  8. Sadly, I'm quite certain --- This was all carefully planned for a reason... follow the money..check into WHO owns the cleanup companies that got the funding...It's phase two or three of a mass Gulf Coast relocation plan...The clea-up agents are very poisonous/toxic... Sad but true...FOLLOW THE MONEY both GOV agencies and a Louisiana coast resident, I have seen so much suffering and deaths with friends and family.The amount of bacterias,pollutants,chemical nightmares etc, since hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Ike etc, is unbelievable- resulting in odd diseases-----
    auto-immune...respiratory...cancers etc...unreal!!!!
    Follow the MONEY !!!!! This is only one more of the South's many 911s. WAKE UP!!! The alarms have been going off for many years-
    WAKE UP !!!!!!!

  9. If you think the GOM oil plume is bad (and it is), just wait for the Fukushima radioactive WATER and AIR plumes to arrive (and they will). Don't expect to hear the truth about this apocalyptic disaster from the CRIMINAL PTB, either - until it is too late to do much about it. You have to put the pieces of The Puzzle together yourself - and act accordingly. For a little help, click on GodSend and follow the path down the rabbit hole. Good Luck!


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