Monday, March 14, 2011

Woman begins walk to Washington for oil spill victims

Woman begins walk to Washington for oil spill victims
Bill Barrow, The Times-Picayune
Posted:  03/13/2011 3:52 PM
Not long after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, Cherri Foytlin asked President Barack Obama on CNN to come down to New Orleans and talk to her, so she could show him the damage that had been done, both environmentally and to her own health. When he didn't make that visit, she decided she would take matters into her own hands and travel to the White House -- on foot.
Cherri Foytlin heads off down Louisia Street near Mirabeau on a 31-day walk to the White House on Sunday.
Foytlin began her 1,243-mile walk from New Orleans on Sunday morning with eight others who believe in her cause. It's scheduled to stretch over 31 days, and others have pledged to join her on her walk when she arrives in their cities. Others have agreed to meet her in DC.


  1. God, please bless Cherri Foytin. Please heal our Gulf. We love You, Lord, and praise You for every good gift! Please save us from this mess. Please forgive us for destroying Your beautiful creation!

  2. honestly,Do you believe the government,the Bp and the gulf coast facility about the gulf spill?
    lie...lie... lie and continue to lie,I have nothing else to say,all I know and you do know about the crooks and liars


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