Sunday, August 22, 2010

DAUPHIN ISLAND Residents say they've never seen this black mess before.

(DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala.) Residents living in DeSoto Landing say they've never seen this black mess before. They believe the stained sand covering their beautiful white beach is a sign the oil spill is far from over.

"I thought maybe it was a small stretch but I started looking east and west and it went on forever." When Roger Geil went for a walk on his private beach this morning, he saw a black substance with tiny specs of light brown in it. 8 years in his beachfront home on the Gulf and Geil says he's never seen this before. Geil says, "I think its a big wake up call. BP, please don't leave us yet." With the oil well now capped, Roger and his wife Kit thought they were all clear. Kit says, "Now this is here and we definitely think it's connected to the oil spill and we haven't had this before." While it's unclear whether this substance is in fact related to the spill, LOCAL 15 wanted to see what was beneath it. We grabbed a shovel and started digging. We didn't have to dig deep to find obvious signs of oil. Nearby Desoto Landing resident Susan Warren says this sand isn't pretty anymore. She won't even rent out her beach house now. "I'd feel bad if someone was renting our house and this is what they had to look at," Warren says. Officials with BP say they're aware of the problem and came out to investigate it. They say the black substance is no way associated with the spill.

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