Saturday, August 14, 2010

PRESS ADVISORY / Panama City Press Conference


August 14th 2010

Fishermen and families visit President Obama’s Gulf vacation with concerns about seafood safety and their future.

When: Sunday, August 15th, 2010
10 AM Central

Captain Anderson’s Marina
5550 North Lagoon Drive
Panama City Beach

Note: Spokespeople will be available for interviews after the press conference.

On Sunday, August 15th, fishermen and families from across the Gulf Coast will gather in Panama City Beach, Florida, with a message for President Obama:  The Gulf of Mexico is still filled with oil and dispersants from the BP disaster, threatening America’s health and these fishermen’s livelihoods.
Fishermen and families will come on busses from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, hoping American will hear their unified message. 
 “This disaster is far from over.  But the President and our state officials are trying to declare an end to it.  There’s oil and dispersants everywhere.”

While President Obama and state officials claim that the Gulf is “open for business”, these fishermen say the Gulf of Mexico is still contaminated, and they’re concern that seafood pulled from these waters is unsafe for eating.  The testing of this seafood is inadequate, particularly testing for the toxic dispersants that they say is still being sprayed.

The fishermen have three demands:

1.     Stop spraying toxic dispersants

2.     Keep fishing grounds closed until better testing methods of seafood prove that it is safe to eat

3.     Create short- and long- term jobs that go to local commercial fishermen first.


  1. Keep the fishing grounds open, but make it "catch and release". That way, the fishermen, still can make money on charters.

  2. No one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time...
    And so it is happening – that which was predicated, foretold by those with commonsense - those who were living through the horror known as the Deep Water Horizon Disaster. The oil was spewing forth and the government and BP were trying to hide the amount by dispersing it with COREXIT.

    You cannot pour on, spray onto or disperse the oil without creating an even bigger ecological disaster.

  3. The fishermen are to be commended for taking the only reasonable stand on the issue of public safety when it comes to Gulf seafood - a stand the Federal agencies SHOULD BE TAKING (but are not!).

    Adequate testing (including deep water testing) with full disclosure and independent verification of testing procedures and results is MANDATORY! Lives are at stake here and ObamaRahm-a's dip in the Gulf is as piece of worthless and misleading showmanship and deception.

    It is BP's responsibility to clean up the Gulf and it is the Federal Gov't's job to make sure that they do and pay for it!

    The Federal Gov't put public safety at risk during the evaluation of post-911 air quality (pollution and radiation - from NUCLEAR fall-out!). Now they want to do it again for Gulf area residents and all consumers of Gulf seafood - for economic reasons, NOT health reasons! They are (proven) CRIMINALS!

  4. The US Government needs to seize BP Assets, as they sell them off bit by bit there will be nothing left but a reconfigured Corporate Person who has no legal obligation for the former behemoth BP's responsibility to the Gulf of Mexico and the people who live and work on it.


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