Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's Lurking Below?

Get those videos out folks!!!!!!!!!

Filmed at Long Beach Harbor, Mississippi by Denise Rednour on August 20th, 2010


  1. My question is why they used corexit? Are there not better friendlier alternatives? Such as enzymes? Anyways, it is 'too big' to 'disperse' and i do NOT believe for a single second (or fraction thereof) that this was an accident! NO WAY! The government, media, and BP are all one big 'happy' ZIONIST family. FREEMASONS from the top down, ALL OF THEM. I learned that fact from the "Don't Mess With Texas" page at A young British 'Journalist' pointed this out. Then there is Agenda 21 of the UN, which I know nothing about (yet, but saw it mentioned in a YouTube comment about the BP Oil Spill) but I am certain that it is similar to what is written in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion (this 'book' is in the museum of London, and in its entirety at and elsewhere online) that these types of natural disasters would be used on the people. It is an actual Freemason Zionist protocol. I also surfed to some fascinating videos from Jesse Ventura (yes, the former wrestler and governor). I think it is willful blindness on the part of those who refuse to acknowledge the Freemason involvement. These people are not simply "polluters" as you state. They hate mankind. There is more than enough info out there to convince oneself that this is so. Nice job: you succeeded in poisoning "a third" of the waters as the Bible says. It is all connected: govnmt, pharma, fda (and ALL ALPHABET AGENCIES), media, etc. The Black Out in the media is a PRIME EXAMPLE of the synergy between these losers. I am a Dentist (retired) with a degree in Biology, and human biochemistry. I was almost a marine biologist, when i was young i wanted to save the sea turtles from poachers. I have spent months researching and trying to make sense of it all.

  2. Hey Nick I am a biologist too and I agree this was no accident and unfortunately I agree that it looks like it was designed to kill nature and people. its certainly working on the nature part. the wildlife in the gulf are dead men walking if not dead already.

  3. This statement "dead men walking" may also apply to the human population before it is over.


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