Friday, August 27, 2010

Identification HELP!!!!

This photo was posted to Facebook by Gulf Impact Project.

I can make out...
"Sea and Land"
"Evaporating ?___Cant read_________"
"Dissolves _____Can't read________"
"Produces a Glea or clea... (Can't read)
"For IOF Boats and Seperating catch"
"Please dispose of properly"

Can anyone tell me what this is and what the writing means. If you have a description and use of the product please send ASAP!


  1. Looks like it says IQF, not IOF to me. A quick search pulls up a lot related to packing fish, so I assume it's a packing salt/chemical.

    I believe it also says, "Produces a clear..."

    Probably not related to BP?

  2. Yes,
    It is a product used for "Individual Quick Freeze"
    Something to do with fishing.

    Sure am glad.


    United Salt has two grades of salt to choose from. For customers requiring the highest purity we offer our evaporated salt, processed in our food grade facility in Houston, Texas. Our evaporated salt is ideal for use in freezer boats (IQF) as well as drying and boiling seafood. As an economical alternative we offer our solar salt, processed in our Carlsbad, New Mexico facility. Both products are suited for separating your catch on boats and screened for quick dilution.


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