Saturday, August 7, 2010

We have received reports from fishermen in Pass Christian of a large fish, ray, and seagull kill

Hello, All

Please share this email with any fishermen or genuine allies of fishermen who may not have received it.

We have received reports from fishermen in Pass Christian of a large fish, ray, and seagull kill - accompanied by large amounts of oil pouring into a cove - east of the Pass Christian Harbor. To make things worse, it appears that VOO workers who came in today with oily boom were immediately laid off. It is suspected that this was done so that BP can spray even more dispersent without being seen.

Tomorrow, US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus will be in Mississippi for two public "Llstening Sessions". His "Economic and Environmental Recovery Plan" for the Gulf Coast  is due to President Obama on August 24.

We hope you will be there tomorrow - 1. to demand that dispersant use be stopped; 2. to demand that gulf and inland waters be re-closed until adequate seafood testing with safe and reliable results has been completed; and 3. to demand that local commercial fishermen are given first and full employment in the short and long-term clean-up and recovery of the gulf coast, starting immediately.

Where to be Tomorrow (come early if you can)

*  10 am at the Bay High School in Bay St. Louis. 

*  2 pm at the Ocean Springs Civic Center on Hwy 90

What Else You Can Do to Share the TRUTH with Others across the Gulf Coast and US:

One way to get your stories and experiences told is through the Bridge the Gulf Project.  For those of you who were there on Wednesday, this is the web-based project Bryan Parras and Ada McMahon spoke about.  The way it works is simple.  Just take a few minutes to write down your thoughts, concerns, something you saw or anything on your mind.  If you have a picture to send with your story that's great, if not no problem.  Then email your story to either (Karen Savage - or to Ada McMahon at  It would be great to include a little information on yourself - what type of fisherman you are, where you're from, a picture of your boat, your dock or whatever you would like to share.

Once we receive your information, we'll upload it to the Bridge the Gulf website ( to be shared with folks across the gulf coast and the country who want to know what's really happening in your communities.  The more stories we get, the better. 


  1. I hope you will update us on how this turns out the meeting up at the listening session. I have posted this on quite a few facebook pages, directly related to the gulf and no one is responding. Quite disappointing really.

  2. Will Ray Mabus come to Alabama to hold a similar meeting?


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