Sunday, August 29, 2010


Survivors Village to hold community rally in St. Bernard Community to educate President Obama
Sunday, August 29, 2010
11 am

Fight Back Community Center
3820 Alfred St., New Orleans, LA 70122 (across from the 3800 block of St. Bernard Ave.)


  1. Could Obama have done more during oil spill?

  2. You need to look at Executive Directive 63--this governs the Critical Infrastructure rules for the government, including the Department of Defense. Yes, Obama could have done more. But under the circumstances, hasn't he done enough? I voted for the man, and I cannot tell you how embarassed I am to make that claim now. The Coast Guard which is technically part of Homeland Security--all answer to the Commander and Chief. They could not have given BP a blank check without Obama's go ahead. They could not have given Wackenhut goons police powers to obstruct the press, or allowed the Coast Guard to violate the Posse Commitatus act without Obama's approval. Obama collapsed on his clay feet. To say he has fallen short would be to assume, that he understood from the get go, what might be required of him or any president should he agree to take this job.
    He took the easy way out. He left the Gulf to fend for herself, while giving unlimited resources to BP and foreign mercenaries, and violating the First Amendments, and the Fourth Amendment {for starters} for the American Citizens in the Gulf.
    There is more, but isn't this enough?

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