Thursday, May 20, 2010

Astronaut says BP Slick scary looking from space!


"It looks very scary. It's not good. I really feel... not good about that." That's what the International Space Station Commander, cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, says about the Gulf's oil disaster. This is the last satellite image.

Captured by NASA's Aqua satellite, the image shows only part of the oil surface, with the Sun shining over. I've tweaked the image contrast so you can clearly see the extend of the damage:


Oleg is right: It is very scary.

Image courtesy of NASA


  1. I'm estimating the size of the slick to be roughly the same as the state of Georgia. That's nearly 60,000 square miles.

  2. I found your blog through Youtube. What a tragedy that you have to have a blog about this. Your YouTube video brought me to tears. What have we done to this earth of ours?

  3. Hi I found you via YouTube too. I have a question no one seems able (or willing) to answer and mybe you know the answer.... Exactly how much oil is down there and if BP fail to stop this leak how much oil will eventually be dumped in the oceans?? thanks for posting, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping us informed

  4. I've just posted a link to this from my page, sorry I didn't think I should obviously have asked first. Hope its ok

  5. Thanks for sharing this! We need more access to what is actually going on!

  6. Hi, i found your blog, trying to catch up information about this, i' d name it tragedy, and among other stuff i found this-------
    which is quiet impressive. Keep up the good work and let us all hope this ends soon even if it will take decades to bring back life there as it was before.

  7. forultravisual@hotmail.comMay 22, 2010 at 1:07 AM

    People there some substance that solidify the oil, someone is a chemist that could use as stopper.
    Please should be there something, to introduce this substance at the center than a injection.
    Please we need take the control they really don't know how fix this, wold join to found something.
    Please share ideas please.

  8. forultravisual@hotmail.comMay 22, 2010 at 1:15 AM

    Please share ideas, all world all world please SHARE IDEAS for finding solution.

  9. I've just read that, globally, other gas and oil wells are experiencing 'over pressure' events today. has anyone else heard any news of this?

  10. It's easy to feel helpless in the face of such a massive disaster. And it's comforting to find like minds here online. I urge each of us to write letters to our elected officials (President Obama, senators, congressional representatives) urging a ban on offshore drilling and a serious investment in renewable energy and mass transit solutions. Despite the devastation, in the long term, it just may be possible to make some good of this mess.

    President Obama--

    Find your senators here--

    Find your congressional rep here--


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