Friday, May 14, 2010

Tell President, Senators to support a clean energy economy

Tell President, Senators to support a clean energy economy
From Conservation Alabama...

Three months.

That's how long experts are estimating it may take for BP to fully stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. They predict that this will be one of the worst environmental disasters we have ever witnessed.

This catastrophe is expected to cost $12-$20 billion to clean up. That doesn't include the catastrophic damage it will do to our economy.


The BP oil spill is the result of just one rig gone wrong. There are thousands more around the world. Offshore drilling is an inherently dangerous, risky, and dirty business.

For decades, oil companies, lobbyists, and special interests have fought clean energy legislation to protect their profits. They've kept us dependent on oil and protected corporations that pollute the air our children breathe and the water they drink.

We face a choice between leading America forward in a new clean energy economy or preserving the failed energy policies of the past. The human and environmental disaster on the shores of our state is proof positive that we must end our addiction to oil by enacting comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.

Action Needed:
It is time that our leaders stand up to Big Oil. Instead of expanding offshore drilling, responsible climate and clean energy legislation needs to expand our energy options with investments in clean, renewable energy that creates jobs and protects our coastal economies and ecosystems.

Please, take a moment to send a clear message to President Obama and your Senators that you demand a clean energy future that limits carbon pollution and breaks our dependence on oil.

Deadline for responding:
Will you send a message to President Obama and your Senators insisting that they oppose new offshore drilling and support clean energy and climate legislation that limits carbon pollution and curbs our dependence on oil? Please take action by Tuesday, May 18 through our national partners the League of Conservation Voters by clicking on the button below.


  1. Former President George W. Bush, is now off the hook for the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Mr. President Obama, you now have surpassed that ugly milestone by unimaginable bounds, with a legacy more likened to a millstone.

    There are often times raging forest fires in one area of our nation or the other and gathered to that scene are firefighters from all around our great country to battle the dangerous blazes, and they do so to protect life, and habitat, and our own human homes.

    There too are those occaisions when natural disaster strikes somewhere in our nation and the call goes out, is heard and those quickly dispatched power crews from all across America to restore lost power to some stricken community.

    Mr. President, please let me appeal to you take this in consideration, that long before today, assembled in numbers staggering the imagination should have been tankers and tow boats and cruisers and all manner of other ships at sea as representatives of every oil company the world over, gathered together in one spot and for one common cause, this area nearest the bleeding oil well in the Gulf of Mexico immediately subsequent to April 20,2010.

    Where are they Mr. President? Where are they?

    I should hope it not necessary Mr. President, that I point this out to you, but let me remind you that the Gulf of Mexico is larger in area than the beautiful city of New Orleans, and this nation saw fit to save it. It would be my best guess that any person might see that far more people, jobs, environment, habitat, and human homes, and the overall economy affected by this extremely high-pressured greatly-gushing crude oil and natural gas rupture under the surface of our Gulf waters, than was previously or may one day again be affected greatly exceeds that of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in 2007. Will you pause from your daily briefings long enough to help us, Mr. President. Will you make that telephone call? Is the entire Gulf of Mexico and all the lives in it, and the entire Gulf Coast for many years to come worth as much as was the city of New Orleans?

    Once again, please make that call Mr. President. Please don't let it all die. Don't let this be the finest example your worst hour. My God, man, act.

  2. Consider the Connection to:
    Going in a NEGATIVE (-)or POSITIVE (+) Direction
    (-)___or___(+) Direction
    The choice is ours.
    Our economy, health, & environment are in the
    balance!!! Jerry Lee Mayeux

  3. Anonymous I would like to point out that this is also part of the Bush Legacy. The lax of the guidelines and protocols allowed for this to happen.


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