Thursday, May 20, 2010

BP Slick... Burn at THE SOURCE

An aerial view of a burn at sea over the source of the BP Slick.
SouthWings pilot Tom Hutchings and his daughter Brinkley accompany Hurricane Creekkeeper to the source then back over the Louisiana Southern coast where we found what appeared to be heavy crude washed up on the beaches and in the marshes.
All photos by John L. Wathen,
Flights provided by SouthWings


  1. Thank you

    It's awesome and unfortunately very saddening.

  2. This is heart breaking. You did a great job. I would rather deal with the truth than this glossed over version we have been getting in the news.

  3. You know, this really pisses me off. I don't get angry too often, but this pushes me over the edge! Why the hell are we drilling in water so deep, that we cannot get anyone down there to fix it if a disaster happens?? Today it has been one month since the disaster started, and I really hope they have everyone working on this and get it plugged up soon!

  4. I fear the damage is going to be immense from this. The straw-grass idea should at least be tried at this point. It stands a much better chance than the improperly deployed buoys and certainly better than waiting to see what happens when this gunk hits the shorelines.

  5. BP are not interested in getting it "plugged up" - they are not even considering any option which does not result in them getting at the oil.

    After all, this "spill" has cost money. BP - as capitalism dictates - must make a profit out of this situation. If the oil gusher is simply stopped, where is the profit going to come from?

  6. If it gets to the Florida everglades it could affect the drinking water...

    There should be no politics involved in this just a mass effort to help clean the mess up!!

    Our government is just arguing and shuffling departments...what confusion!!

  7. Tears are streaming down my face watching how much oil is out there that will come ashore in my backyard. I am so sick over loosing my culture and way of life. Here in Terrebonne Parish, we have no booms, no pom-poms, no army, no national guard, no navy helping do anything to keep it from our wetlands and marsh areas. It's now in Terrebonne Bay, Barataria Bay and creeping towards my home... To me this is the end of the world as I know it...God speed everyone. And, thank you Hurricane Creekkeeper for showing us and telling us exactly what is happening out there. I will share your video with my friends and family. I know they will all be devastated as I am... ~Darlene~

  8. John- Thank you for helping to tell this story to the world. You are a true hero.


  9. Thanks John for filming this for all the world to see, hope you do another one when it reaches the shoreland and the damages its done.

  10. Darlene,
    I was just in Barataria. I am now working on another video shot there. The scene of the oil covered island was Terrebonne Bay.
    I am heading back down there to shoot. Can you set me up with some people to interview?

  11. Thanks for the video. For all the worry that a terrorist would set off an explosive device or dirty bomb -- this amounts to a legal "dity bomb" of the Gulf.

  12. Anonymous on 5/20/10;
    We are drilling in water this deep because you have to drill where the oil is IDIOT.
    This is a great tradgedy but unless you walk to work and dont have electricity don't wear cloths and don't use pans with teflon etc in other words unless you don't USE ANY THING MADE FROM OR WITH PETRO OIL PRODUCTS YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE DOWN ON THE OIL INDUSTRY!

    I think Obama should be focused on getting this mess cleaned up instead of shuffling it around in the US GOV'T and making empty threats.

    BP pay the bill my A@# make them do something about it before it gets any worse.

  13. I think everyone along the coast needs to evacuate! This is TOXIC! all the chemicals and high concentrations of crude. We evacuate for hurricanes...why aren't we getting these folks out of there on BP's dime?

  14. I'm angry, sad, heartbroken and sick to my stomach at this.


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