Friday, May 28, 2010

Drill bit used to punch the "relief well" broke off!

The drill bit used to punch the "relief well" broke off 3 weeks ago. American public still unaware. Why were we not told?
Junk shot under way now. First top-shot failed due to the swiss cheese like condition of the blow-out preventer.

Yesterday Obama stated "I am in charge and all is going as according to plan. He nor the US Coast Guard were informed that the proceedure had stopped at midnight the night before!
Top kill resumed last night combined with "Junk Shot"

I say roll Terible Tony from BP up in a ball and shoot him in the hole!

More as it comes in.


  1. Bad news get's worse, thank you for sharing. BTW, you can check out live feeds from the BP oil well leak over here, which is just amazing to see:

    Let's hope they plug this leak fast, somehow, someway.

  2. Where is your data source ? How did you acquire this information ?

  3. Yes, do tell. I don't doubt, but a source would be nice on the drill bit breaking.

  4. The source was an inside source that I trusted. I have been asked not to reveal the ID due to BP firing folks who speak out.
    It was confirmed to me by a cameraman and reporter from BPS News.

    It is not an uncommon event in drilling. I just thought we should have been told. Just like Obama should have been told about shutting down the "top kill". Instead BP kept it quiet and let him make a fool of himself and the whole operation.

    Trust? I don't think so.

  5. Thanks Hurricane Creekkeeper for the info. I for one do understand the situation.


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