Sunday, May 9, 2010

BP Slick The Source!

An aerial view of the BP Slick disaster at ground zero... BP Slick The Source!


  1. you just couldn't leave it alone ,and now bp 's and haliburton's greed has led to anger and despair for the ecosyatem , marine life and mankind
    mother nature is about to lay a beating on humanites failure to respect life.

  2. So why and who SUNK the RIG PLATFORM?? That severely hampered or buried any forensics investigation of the standing rig...they should have to dredge it back to shore.

  3. Just reading the MSDS sheets for the dispersant is enough to make you cry. There are of course no warnings about what it does when it comes into contact w/ wildlife and fishes. bp needs to own up to it's mistake and fix it, not try to make money off of their screwup.


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