Saturday, July 10, 2010

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

These ladies are well within their rights to photograph and or video any activity on any publicly accessible location. They were well out of the way. The Gulf Shores police officer was out of line and obviously working on behalf of BP!

When is America going to stand up to the BP Goons and declare independence from English Criminals?!


  1. It's simple folks, Boycott Bp products. Don't buy a thing from them including their true owners JP Morgan and Goldman Sucks banks. If enough people quit buying their products, they won't be able to keep hiring whore pigs like we saw in the video.

  2. PLEASE release this video to National News.

    Have the local news interview this policeman just to plaster his abusive behavior to the community.

    Thank You for sharing!

  3. Why are we allowing BP to have "authority" over any part of this spill or our public officials and offices?

  4. This was just a sample of the lying going on i'll bet. This whole mess just makes me sick and then they lie about it ---- please! Nothing will ever be the same around the Gulf and they know it!

  5. Ladies, your courage is the proof that the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL ! Look at this little woman who defeats a brainwashed person ! You made my day, and I badly needed it ! THANK YOU ! I try to spread the new here in France but people are so "away from this" ! I feel so close to you, people of the United States...
    "Let me call your supervisor" might be a useful sentence in the coming days...:(

  6. I suspect this officer may have been on private, paid duty. It is not uncommon for private entities to hire uniformed cops to help with security. That would explain why he faded away so quickly when the videographer asked to speak to his boss.

    Also - regarding boycotting BP - I agree with the sentiment completely, however I would suggest that the best course of action is to not only boycott BP, but to dramatically reduce all forms of oil consumption. Having worked on the Exxon spill in Alaska, I can assure everyone that all of the companies are the same.

    Buy as little as you can, and begin moving yourself to alternative energy. It is the only hope we have.

  7. It's like we've been invaded. Who are these security guys who throw out citizens with cameras working for?

  8. We should ALL stop fueling at BP gas stations.

  9. But what are you doing??
    What about the poor lady who was undergoing some sort of medical trauma?
    Do you think she or the medical staff would have felt comfortable being recorded?
    Maybe, just maybe,.. she needed some privacy.
    You've made a conspiracy out of something that is obviously not.
    Let them do what they have to do from a medical perspective in privacy.

    You described yourself as a tourist, so, if you had a heart attack on the beach would you want the tourists of america camcording you??

    Why don't you make some valid points about the oil spill and do whatever you feel you can to help? rather then continuing this conspiracy theory non-sense.

    I hope the injured person is okay and isn't ashamed at being plastered over the internet for no good reason.

  10. It's not about "rights" it's about "decency". Leave them alone in a medical emergency.
    Also, blanketing BP as an "english" criminals is ridiculous. Profits from BP are not only English and certainly the US has many oil rigging operations who could very well have got into this mess. YES they are criminal entirely, but talking about this as some sort of "invasion" does NOTHING to help the cause and/or the clean up.
    Stop driving your gas-guzzling car, stop depending on fossil fuels and start respecting the earth. This will make a bigger dent in energy companies than a misplaced video stunt.

  11. Here in Alaska the police generally take the side of businesses even to the point of allowing them to do something illegal against a citizen. They ignore citizen complaints, try to blow people off when they call, I have reported two meth labs and got no response. But, let a business complain about something and they show up right away. This may not all be just BP, it may just be SOP.

  12. What I would love to be involve with would be 10,000 videographers on the Gulf Shores beaches all at the same time. would be a great protest of our rights as Americans.

  13. Do none of you understand that this is not merely a BP problem? It is an oil problem, what about shell, exxon, etc...there are many American oil companies doing the same things BP was/is doing, widen your scope, please, readers!

  14. To Kevin...I love your idea. I think anybody who owns a camera or a video recording device would be game. We should really discuss this further.To the ladies who posted...thank you so much for sharing the light. And for being brave.

  15. I think the spill is a disaster. I think the scene this video painted is ominous. I think the impact of this will not be known for years, and I believe it will affect the food chain.

    That said, I disagree this officer was disrepectful. Determined, patient, willing to go the extra to get what he wanted.

    Interesting observation of the "can I speak to your supervisor" conclusion


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