Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wide Awake News - Charlie McGrath - John Wathan Creekkeeper - W.E. Pollock Guests


  1. A commenter on the Youtube interview finally realized that ObamaRahm-a is part of the EVIL which is attacking America on several fronts. BINGO!

    What we are dealing with here is of Biblical proportions and the forces at work to destroy America are truly Satanic. The Constitution was first trashed by Bush-it and is now trashed by ObamaRahm-a. But it gets worse - A LOT WORSE!

    To get a true perspective on the whole truth and nothing but the truth, including the DWH crisis, the GRAND DEPRESSION (now in progress), 911, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 'event', etc. visit my Blog and website.

    Be prepared for "Shock and Awe"!

  2. I just read this and have yet to verify it- also I am sure you already know but will post it anyways.
    (NaturalNews) – As CNN is now reporting, the U.S. government has issued a new rule that would make it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a federal felony crime.

  3. We stand behind you John 100%

    God Bless you for getting the truth out to the American people

  4. John, this was a really good interview with Charlie. Thanks to both of you and Walter Pollock too.

    Now, here's s/g for you:

    This vid (4.5min) was posted on YT yesterday. The knowledgable person speaking is addressing the dangers of using the dispersant Corexit of which millions of gallons have been disseminated over the Gulf. Very informative.

    Also, this might be related. My wife's neice who is an administrator for a hospital in Lakeland, Fl (between Tampa and Orlando) told her yesterday (the 4th) that the hospitals in FL were overwhelmed with patients being treated for what "they" are generally calling "severe allergies." She told her aunt that the situaion was "horrific." The niece is the head of a dept. wherein the medical records of each and every patient receiving care at the hospital where she works, passes through.

    I expect that as the health problems continue to escalate the media black-out will not be able to effectively sequester the news from the area. Once the news gets out and the general populace learns of the numerous dangers and adverse effects that the people living near the Gulf are facing and/or having to endure...there will be an evacuation order that will soon be executed (they'll be forced to do so). Then, here comes FEMA. Speaking of FEMA. Please watch this short video.!

  5. Sooner or later something like this Oil Armageddon had to happen. To be honest - I (as a European) am glad it happened so close to US american people.

    So this is the only chance to get them aware of what is happening worldwide to provide the consumption mayhem to the US people.

    I hope for the sake of the animals, that there will be some solution, but I am afraid, there isn't for years to come.

    Everybody who ever read a little deeper, how an Oil Bubble under the surface of the earth is made, will know, that sooner or later the ceiling of this bubble will break and you will have a real big whole.

    Maybe you will use the last remaining gallon of cheap gas to drive to the local Seaworld and watch dolphins jump for you.

    Tom (Berlin)


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