Friday, July 2, 2010

A real DUHH moment!

What have I and others been screaming since the beginning about this mess?!!!
Dispersant is only hiding this crap! Holy cow, what will it take for our EPA and Coast Guard to take over all information coming and going out about this disaster?

I for one am sick of waiting to see Americans in charge of this. It's our communities being hammered!

This was in the Tuscaloosa News today. Someone in government finally admitted there is oil on the bottom!!!!!!!!!

Submerged oil confirmed on seabed off Ala. coast

By JAY REEVES Associated Press Writer

Published: Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 7:58 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 7:58 p.m.
Alabama Conservation Commissioner Barnett Lawley says officials have found oil on the seabed just off the state's coast, confirming fears that the Gulf oil spill could be doing more damage than is readily apparent from the surface.

Barnett said Thursday that nets used by the state to determine what's on the bottom pulled up submerged oil and shrimp as recently as last week.
Scientists have said the massive spill off the coast of Louisiana could be contaminating the seafloor as badly or even worse than surface waters, and the discovery by the state indicates those predictions could be correct.
Large areas of oxygen-depleted water also have been found.
Lawley says the testing will continue to determine the extent of underwater pollution.



  1. Not to worry, they will just cover it up like they are doing on the beaches...

  2. Yes and be sure to come and enjoy FLA's beaches, it is totally safe!!!

    Hundreds of beachgoers told health officials they felt unwell after swimming last week at oil spill-affected Pensacola Beach, Fla. Scientists cite many unknowns about the safety of swimming and working around the spill.

  3. Who can we scream to about this dispersant? I just feel like "we the people" have no say in anything on this.
    I think we're far beyond any amount of money "fixing" this. Britain banned that dispersant 10 years ago and the wonderful thing about countries that have national health insurance is they have reason to protect their citizens as it costs the system money. Here in America, it doesn't matter since medicine is a money making industry.

  4. We have been trying to tell them for a month now. There is oil in Mobile Bay,No one wants to listen.Brown pelicans found at Cochran Bridge,heavily oiled.They were taken to the enviromental center in Theodore.

  5. I live and also grew up on the Gulf. Wednesday Bp opened an office in Crystal River Just two counties above mine here in Fl.I heard they are training people for the clean up. Does anybody know anything about a supposed methane bubble? Thanks, Also it makes me sick! I live here because I Love evrything about the Gulf. And I really have a gut feeling this is it.

  6. The sea floor in the Gulf is riddled with natural seeps that put out large amounts of oil and gas. There are mounds and even volcanoes of thick oil, bitumen, tar, and much of what nature releases into the Gulf is food for the life at the root of the marine food chain. Sure BP is reckless (what they and other oil companies are doing to 3rd world countries is truly disgusting) but this is not the end of the Gulf, or the world.

  7. When is everyone going to realize that BP is in this with the Obama Adminstration? There's no way BP could get away with taking over like this without cover from O.


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