Thursday, July 1, 2010

CREEKKEEPER appears on Olberman


  1. thank you so much for sharing. this is just insane!

  2. Another perspective on the Gulf oil crisis, from Lynn McTaggart author of 'The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment'.

    Well After All It Was You and Me:
    EVOLUTIONARY EVENT - The point here is, that as tragic as this explosion was for the animals, Gulf residents whose livelihood is destroyed, and all of us watching helplessly as the oil slick grows the size of a small country, it was necessary and important to our evolution. Giant ecological disaster seems to be the only way to wake up human beings to the need to do things differently. Full article click here

  3. I watch the whole thing, twice, and it is heartbreaking! Please keep doing what you're doing. We need the truth out there.

  4. Unbelievable ... we are so totally screwed. My heart just breaks for the wildlife and the marshes, estuaries and really ANYTHING this damn oil touches!

  5. Thank you, John and Kieth. Keep on keeping us informed.

  6. Thank you for your excellent reporting, and thanks to Keith for sharing. It is really disturbing to see the dead dolphins and the whales. This is a tragedy and a crime against all living things. Bravo for telling your story, we pray for miracles that this thing will be stopped.

  7. this is the beginning of the end, and still no one will park there cars or turn off the electricity. we're all just so-o-o-o guilty.

  8. This made me cry like nothing since this tragedy began. I feel so helpless.

  9. Thank you for doing this work. More people need to see this so we can understand what we are doing to the Earth. I knew it was worse than I could imagine, but that left a bit of room for denial. No such luxury today.

    It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. I thought I was going to vomit from weeping watching Olberman last night. So utterly helpless. Still, for all the grief and helplessness, we need to witness this. Thank you

  10. valerie from californiaJuly 1, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    you sir are true defender of our nation unlike those whom hide the truth. thank you for getting the truth out however horrible it may be. the worst is yet to come. stay strong, be safe and video on...

  11. The following is taken from

    BP oil leak fix

    Thursday, July 1, 2010The Fix

    It is sad that the oil continues to leak into the gulf when there is a simple fix. President Obama could take charge and make the leak disappear. He could declare a state of national emergency and order companies such as Bechtel, Boeing, Jacobs Constructors and the like to direct all their engineering skills toward fixing the leak in one month's time. Not a minute more!
    Illustration "A" shows the BOP gushing oil.

    Here's how it can be accomplished: Build a large donut-shaped form (say, 40-feet in diameter by 15-feet high). Lower the form over the stricken blow out preventer (BOP) and allow it to rest on the sea floor. (Illustration "B")The form would have no bottom and vents at the top would let any trapped air to escape. Then concrete would be pumped in and sea water wold be displaced by the concrete. Then robotic submersibles would close down the top vents. An array of anchor bolts would be embedded into the mixture and extend out from the form which would remain in place after the concrete hardens.

    In the next phase (Illustration "C"), a precast, steel reinforced concrete containment dome would be lowered down and attached firmly to the concrete footing. The dome would have a hole in the top allowing the oil to flow unrestricted out the damaged BOP which has been encircled by the donut-shaped foundation. No ice crystals will form while oil escapes freely out the opening. Alongside the dome's open hole is a 24-inch diameter flange with a flexible, rubberized pipe attached which leads to a tanker vessel on the surface. Once the 24-inch pipe is secured at both ends, the previously open dome hole can slowly be closed down by the submersibles and the gushing oil will then be diverted into the 24-inch pipe and up to the tanker. The oil containment chamber has been filled completely with pure crude oil. All the sea water has been purged. Adjacent to the previously open hole is a new BOP which can be connected to an oil pumping rig at a later date. The oil leak is now permanently stopped and pure crude oil is now flowing into the tanker.

    So why isn't this being done? Why is President Obama not acting and marshaling the finest minds we have to resolve this disaster? We can send men to the moon and squander billions on futile wars but we can't build a simple steel and concrete structure to contain the oil leak in the gulf. This is a disgrace! Let's get with it America. Stop this assault NOW!
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  13. Why did your original youtube video change? Audio is diffeerent and watered down???

  14. I love what you're doing. Heard you on Randi Rhodes show a little while ago. You mentioned the Jones Act, but it doesn't apply here AND foreign ships are already being used.
    From Media
    Fox News' Steve Doocy falsely claimed that "foreign ships that want to come help in U.S. waters can't unless" the Jones Act is "lifted by the president." In fact, foreign ships are already involved in the oil spill response, and the Jones Act allows for exceptions in the case of an oil spill... Acting Maritime administrator: "[T]wenty-three percent of the vessels responding to the oil spill are not U.S.-flag," and they are "not in violation of the Jones Act."
    Don't want to load up your comments, but that's one myth that isn't true.
    Keep up the good work and thanks.

  15. We need clean energy alternatives now!

  16. I have showed half a dozen people your Countdown video today. You are a national hero for your coverage. Here is how the engineers say to stop it with conventional explosives. Near the failed BP Macado oil well, another hole would have to be drilled some 3,000 feet down. Explosives would then be lowered into that hole. Detonating those explosives would create a cavity below the sea floor that would envelop a section of the neighboring BP well and plug it with rubble.

  17. FYI, we just posted this about your work:
    PILOT-BLOGGER Shows Video of Oil Disaster on Olbermann, Next Day Coast Guard Outlaws Media Flyovers. “It feels as though news reporting is being criminalized,” says New Orleans photographer today. From video on Olbermann last night: “We saw this pod of dolphins obviously struggling just to breathe...
    Posted this evening at City of Angels on AlterNet:

    Hope you will be able to keep flying over it and reporting, incredibly important work you are doing. - kay in L.A.

  18. John... I would really like to speak with you ASAP.. I know of some people with some SERIOUS solutions. They have met with BP reps as well as taken a trip to La.... my email address is I hope that we can arrange another form of contact from there...


  19. We need to stop blaming ourselves and becoming victims of this disaster. Start rallying to stop these sadistic, evil people trying to kill us off. That oil is blood money. Continue to document on what's going on because the media won't. They're out for BP stock holders' best interests.

  20. Hey fella,

    THANKS !
    Sorry to inform you but I live in Paris France and here, not even a word on what is going on... like if it didn't matter.. surprise surprise.. time will tell, show us.. sorry to see this really.


    we - all of us trying to keep up with the TRUTH - NEED people like you to do what you're doing.

    KEEP IT UP. The information will get to folks and they will spread the word.

    that's lot, maybe not enough but it is what needs to be done.

    may you get STRENGTH from giving out the truth.
    rain of blessings on you

  21. APOCALYPSE NOW! And that's a fact. There is no human effort that will ever clean up this mess.This is the result of GREED! And we are all to blame ,has any ONE PERSON said;"I will turn off my car"? Don't think so.I PRAY to GOD that HE will help us shut this down,because we need HIS help. OBAMA gov't will not take over ,WHY?? May our grandchildren forgive us. Doug in Alberta

  22. Keith Olbermann is how I found this site....which I've been passing on to others. This is so important! I can't believe they've not arrested you for showing the naked truth quite honestly. Esp since they've barred the press within 65 feet of anything oily. Not sure if they're worried about sheer panic amongst the people or the outcry when they see these incredible animals covered in that ooze. At any rate, thank you for the work you do! This is huge!

  23. I want to thank you for giving the world the real news. I will be sure to pass this site to others. Keep up the great work and thank you again!!

  24. Creekeeper, you are my hero. Please do not stop putting the truth out there. I would love to become involved with your organization. I live in Mississippi and would love to help in some manner. Sunniegirl

  25. heartbroken. paralyzed by inaction.

  26. The OSEI Corporation has tried to get BP and the EPA to access a means to handle the spill in a non toxic way, while causing the oil to float preventing the choking off of oxygen to the water column. OSE II has been demonstrated 11 times for different groups and States, as well as Senators for this spill. We are only being told by BP that they will get around to performing demonstration tests soon. When it came time to switch to corexit 9500 A it took NO test, NO demonstrations, only a request. The OSEI Corporation has submitted our 223 page technical library to BP and NUMEROUS federal, State, and local officials that verifies OSE II's effectiveness. We have pointed out that OSE II has cleaned up 14000 spills been used by all 5 branches of the US military since 1989, and used around the world. You can wash your hands with OSE II and will not suffer DEATH or any adverse reaction. There is a SOLUTION FOR THIS SPILL THAT ACTUALLY REDUCES TOXICITY, and PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT. OSE II can be seen at


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