Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fox News are liars, thieves and BP shills (my opinion)

I call BS on BP Shills at FOX!

A young man contacted me about using video footage of mine for a music video about the BP Slick. I gave him permission on a limited basis. The video was completed and posted to You Tube and Fox filed a copyright claim that the video (mine) was fox licensed and therefore not acceptable content. All aerial footage is mine and I can back it up with metadata, flight logs, personal accounts from pilot, coordinator, and the 3 of us in the plane.

Robert has done nothing wrong in using MY video clips and I will back him up in any legal claim he might want to take against Fox, the news shills for BP Slick!

After this interview, Fox laid claim to my video clips and photos of the BP Slick Disaster. They are now claiming that You Tube videos created WITH MY PERMISSION are theirs. Fox is trying to prevent this video from being aired on YT claiming the footage. If anyone gets a challenge from Fox on this please let me and my lawyers know!


The last interview with Fox ever for me!


Environmentalist: You Can Smell Oil Nine Miles Out

Says those responsible should face charges

Published : Thursday, 13 May 2010, 10:43 AM CDT
HOUSTON - We're getting a new perspective on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, thanks to a passionate environmentalist.
With the help of a volunteer pilot, John Wathen (I am NOT a pilot, FOX LIES!)has been documenting the oil spill off the coast of Alabama. What he captures on video, he uploads to YouTube along with narration.
"I was horrified when I looked and saw how many boats there were on the horizon," said Wathen in once of his most recent videos. "It didn't seem to be doing anything at all that was effective."
He started the video by noting the smell of oil just nine miles off the coast.
Wathen is with the environmental group Friends of Hurricane Creek. In an interview with FOX 26 News, he explained why he's so passionate about the gulf oil spill.
"We're a member of the Waterkeeper Aliance," said Wathen. "As a fellow Waterkeeper, I came down to help document the beaches before hand. We're going to continue to document throughout the entire event."
Wathen said he was "shocked beyond words" when he first got a glimpse of the spill.
"For the first time in my environmental career, I feel totally hopeless," Wathen told FOX 26 News. "I don't think there's any way to stop this from hitting the shore."
"We saw the oil sheen behind the islands in the Mississippi Sound. Later that day tar balls were on the beach on Dolphin Island. Today, we have dolphins washing up dead. I just don't believe there is anyway to stop this from making landfall."
So what does the environmentalist think is the worst part of the whole oil spill?
"This is not just an environmentalist issue but a social issue. A community of people have been jeopardized. Their way of life -- their quality of life, has been reduced by a large company that doesn't even house in the United States of America. BP is housed in the Caymen Islands. They don't even pay the same taxes that we do, and yet they have reduced the quality of life for every citizen near the Gulf of Mexico, and that should be considered a crime."
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  1. I just TWEETED this my followers...more people need to read this.

  2. There are many of us who do not rely on Fox or CNN for any kind of truth. They are owned and opperated by Liars. Telling the real truth for them is like chewing sand ( oily BP sand ). Rely on alternative media whenever possible. If you are telling the truth people will know. You do have a great number of people who are so thankful for you and all others risking being attacked to get the real info out there. I am sorry you have to go through this, I am sure it is not easy.

  3. Under US federal law, making a false copyright claim is a criminal (felony) offence.

  4. Outside the U.S. the image of Fox and CNN, and almost every other U.S.-based news network has been severely tarnished since the invasion of Iraq on similar basis: lies too blatant to be ignored.

  5. HAHAHAHAA Fox News needs to change their name to Fox Views as thats all they do any way is rather then just tell the news they instead spew their so addrees them now as Fox Views

  6. Hi everybody.
    I uploaded few interesting home-made videos on my channel.
    I think everyone concerned about BP's Crimes
    Against Humanity should watch them.

    Things are rushing since a couple days.

    Take care everybody.

  7. I have not watched Fox (I refuse to call it news) since day 1 of the Iraq war and I feel I'm so much smarter for that decision!!!!!! If you choose to watch the truth, please give Rachel a chance.. She backs up her claims with factual data....Facts are pure poison in Main stream Media!!!!

  8. I love Rachel! She is absolutely right on with her stories!
    I gave her a heads-up about the folks in Barataria and she showed up there a couple of days later.

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  10. Um, I'm sorry to point out a note that is obviously more confusing than the rest of the story- I'm afraid it's not a Fox News Lie: They said that a volunteer pilot helped you, not that YOU were the pilot. I can see where the confusion might be, there- those kind of lead-ins are tricky.

    otherwise, good work!

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