Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gulf Spill Lab Tests CONFIRM: Kids Playing in OIL / Petroleum TAINTED WATER - One Sample EXPLODES

This is a nightmare just beginning!

This was taken of water straight out of the Gulf at Gulf Shores on the 4th of July!

Be careful out there folks. GO see the disaster but I can't say this loud enough...


  1. Utterly mortifying. This goes beyond comprehension. I'm stupefied. This perpetration on the public is outrageous. Who is responsible for placing signs on those beaches for contamination and WHY have officials within communities NOT had testing done prior to this? Emergency preparedness? Where have the funds for this gone to? I sincerely comprehend livelihood, one must make a living...but not at the expense of humanity for the almighty dollar. I do not know whether to scream or cry, the emotions are too close...and crossing over.


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