Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take Action Now: Tell EPA To End The Use of Toxic Dispersants

July 22, 2010
Take Action Now: Tell EPA To End The Use of Toxic Dispersants!
Dear John,

Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, BP has used, and continues to use, the chemical Corexit to disperse crude oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and at the seafloor, 5,000 feet below the surface. Corexit is not only a toxic substance with untested effects on marine environments; it disperses the oil throughout the water column, which makes oil siphoning and protecting the Gulf Coast with booms virtually impossible.

Help us get 1,000,000 letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by August 1, demanding they stop BP's use of Corexit!

The EPA process by which dispersants are approved for use is fatally flawed. It includes a way to approve or "list" dispersants, but no process to "de-list" these toxic chemicals. We must protect our marshes, our fisheries and our communities, and we need your help! Please take action today. For greater impact, please print and mail your letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

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Read More About This Action

Read more about the composition of dispersants and their impact on human health at

Click here to see how Corexit is impacting wildlife in Bayou Barataria, Louisiana.

View the video "Dispersants change BP's Oil into forms we may not recognize" on
Remember, we can make a difference in our environment if we speak up and take action. Act now and ask your friends and family to help too!


Your Friends at Waterkeeper Alliance

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