Monday, July 5, 2010

Exclusive: Sophie B. Hawkins on Gulf Spill

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June 25, 2010

Exclusive: Sophie B. Hawkins on Gulf Spill

Posted: 10:32 AM ET
Thank you, Larry King, you are a great human being and you show it by supporting the folks of the Gulf and the beings of the sea and sky, and bringing us all together to heal this hurt created by the oil spill.
I wrote my new song, The Land, The Sea & The Sky, originally to show our connection with the Earth because I have long been an advocate of the Earth and then when I first heard about the Gulf disaster I just knew I had to do something more.  Like many people, in those first few days I felt helpless and didn't know what I could do.  But we can all help, if you can't personally go down and volunteer, we can at least support the people who are.
Every penny of profits from The Land, The Sea & The Sky goes to Waterkeeper Alliance, who is on the frontlines of helping clean up the affected environment and creatures, test for toxicity, work with the fisherfolk to put their lives back together, and train volunteers to help.  I hope your fans will download it from iTunes or my website.  People can click here to learn more about Waterkeepers efforts.
With the help of you and your viewers, it is vital that we keep this crisis at the top of the news every day. It is a crisis of monumental proportions.  Today I heard from John Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper who told me that he has "horrid photos of entire pods of dolphins and a Sperm Whale trying to escape the oil slick.”
And the oil is still flowing.  Every day.  We have not even begun to see the havoc it will wreak.  Now is the time for everyone on the ground to raise their voices for all of the creatures and people who depend upon the Gulf for their lives and livelihoods.

I am so proud to be partnering with Waterkeepers, who are the voice for the Gulf Coast's waters.  The Gulf Waterkeepers are our first line of defense against the BP oil disaster. Their incredible knowledge of the marshes, wetlands, beaches and inner-coastal waters make them invaluable first responders.  Their commitment makes them critical and effective community leaders.  Their wealth of scientific, legal and political expertise provides answers to the questions we have about our environment.  Their dedication to a full recovery of the Gulf is unmatched.  Spread the word by sharing on Twitter and Facebook.  You can be sure I will be tweeting about it for many months to come @therealsophieb.  Please support them by downloading the song or donating to them directly, and together, we can Save Our Gulf.
Thank you again, together we can accomplish what separated would destroy us.
Sophie B. Hawkins
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