Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unified Command: BP “cannot remember” when dispersant last used

Unified Command: BP “cannot remember” when dispersant last used.

We checked in with the Unified Command press shop today, to verify that BP still is applying no dispersants in the Gulf.
The staffer told us that no dispersants have been applied sub-sea since July 15. This jives with their response to us last week. However, the staffer (same one we talked to before – from USDA), could not say when surface/aerial dispersants application had stopped. This does not exactly jive with what they told us last week.
Last night’s official numbers were the same as they’ve been in every daily update since July 15:
“Approximately 1.84 million gallons of total dispersant have been applied—1.07 million on the surface and 771,000 sub-sea.”
However, last week they told us those numbers didn’t quite reflect that there had been surface/aerial dispersant used since July 15. When pressed to give a date when surface/aerial dispersant use stopped, the staffer stated today:
“It’s been a few days. It certainly has been more than about 48 hours …. I’m asking the BP guys if they’ve monitored when it was used since that point [last week], and they cannot remember. And so we very well could not have used dispersants since the last time you called.”
He could not provide a specific date of the last dispersant application, then he referred us to the daily updates and stated “We’re only as good as those numbers”,  which last week he said weren’t reflecting when aerial/surface dispersant use stopped.
Major media — please follow up on this — it’s a straightforward query and there’s no reason for no answer. Demand answers. Of course someone in the federal government must know when BP applies dispersant and when they don’t — and if no entity in the federal government knows, that’s a huge problem.
We need total transparency with the use of this chemical brew in the Gulf.


  1. I will let everybody know when the weird translucent drops are on our windshields again in the morning. Us on the west coast of Fl. Get a Gulf Sea breeze every day. And I`m only about a mile inland, so it`s over spray or directly sprayed, but we have all been exposed to it.

  2. "Unified Command: BP “cannot remember” when dispersant last used"

    ...It's not a big deal. The International Court Of Justice of La Haye will remember that for you, YOU BP and "others" criminals against Humanity.

    I have read all the conspiracy theory. I'm not very found of paranoiac speeches, but in the other hand, I wonder if it doesn't make sens, after all.

    Thad Allen and the USCG are not able to find oil anymore ?

    EPA says Corexit is safe ?

    Well, if this happened in France, maybe a few BP station would have being set on fire...just to help the media do their job...

    Isn't violence raising in USA ? I mean, against the "leaders" ?

    It is sad, but how many dead civilian will it take to put a "hard hand" on this critical issue ?

    ALL I can see from France, and since the 30rd day of the blow-out, lead to a conclusion : you are alone, people, facing the multiple threats.

    Maybe that's what they want : you to panic, and the martial law coming.

    I mean : do you see any other possibilities ?

    If the south of France was facing this kind of situation, the entire country would come together in protesting in the streets.

    And if our government would show such a lack of commitment, not to say more, I'm pretty sure riots would have already occurred...

    ...anyway, to all of you : think about your health and safety.

    Take care.


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