Friday, July 16, 2010

Oiled Beaches Florida and Alabama

This video is a little late in coming due to complications in the last week.
Please accept this as it is intended. It is not yesterdays news but a response from folks in this region for a look at the beaches South and East of Mobile.
It covers from Bon Secour Alabama to Port St. Joe Florida.

This is from a flight with SouthWings down the Alabama and Florida beaches. Due to weather we could not fly over the 4th of July so I ended the video with beach shots.
I am afraid now that the cap is working (we hope) the story of the gulf residents will go away. We can not let that happen.
America needs to pay more attention now than ever to the coast and it's recovery!
Thanks for your support.


  1. It's worth remembering that the various Gulf problems go a lot deeper (pun intended) than oiled beaches. Toxins (in the air, water and ground) are not red paint!

  2. If you have time I would very much like to talk with you. Somehow the word is not getting out to activists in the gulf that bioremediation is the only hope to cleaning up this mess. Berms and booms will do nothing the corexit goes around and under those, picking up oil on beaches is useless activity. As I said I have a professor friend who also bioremediates I can get you and he in touch. leave me a note at my blog and I will get back to you. the other thing that HAS to happen is to get supertankers... as in many of them not just one ... into the gulf sucking up the oil on surface and subsurface.... Bioremediation is the only way to detoxify the corexit. please get back to me.

  3. Marta,
    I would suggest that you contact Dr. Riki Ott who I am working with.
    She is am expert on marine toxicology.

  4. I'm concerned about knowing, what impact, affect or outcome does swallowing the oil, have for humans and animals alike ?

  5. speechless. Thank You! ~Eli

  6. "Abandon(ing) millions to their toxic doom"

    You'll notice a familiar video embedded in the linked article! If you decide to remain in the Gulf area after reading the article, don't go around later, blaming someone else. The WARNING is very clear!

  7. If there is anyone that thinks the Gulf is more or less permanently altered and will take numerous years to get anywhere near to what we know as normal I have a bridge to sell you.


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