Saturday, July 31, 2010

New photos from the Source

These were taken on 07/19/10 which was the last flight I took out there.
It takes me a while sometimes to edit, and post everything because I work alone. Please bear with me as I am just now getting around to the final edit on some of this.

The BP government claims that all of the oil seen in these photos is now magically gone from our Gulf....

I have another video I am working on for Barataria that will be out soon.
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  1. Thank you from France for your work.

    Your info are precious ones for me ! You seem to be one of the little who didn't loose their mind and soul in this mess.

    I want to share infos with you, and maybe you can answer my question about the sea level just at the Deepwater location. I just wonder if it's "normal".

    Because, if someone tells me it's not, it means huge consequences.

    I uploaded few interesting home-made videos on my channel.

    I think everyone involved should watch them.

    (Seems that they blacked-out the ROV interesting view since a couple days. Tell me if I’m wrong.)

    On my Youtube (little) channel, there is 3 or 4 short videos that might interest people seeking for good infos.

    A sonar survey shows innumerable gas pocket, another video shows official satellite data and a BIG question on the sea level at the Deepwater location.

    Take care everybody. It’s getting worse actually.

    BP = BS. That's for sure.

  2. Watch USTREAM Live oil cam feed right now :

    Three huge explosion per hour.
    Permanent bubbles leaking from the sea floor.

    I recorded 1 1/2 hour of alarming ROV views.

    I'm not trying to scare you. I edit a short version of this and I come back to you.

  3. As "promised" :

    May it help.

  4. Hi John...It is very hard to comment while at the same time, following the directions in your blog: "Please keep comments free of vulgarity." I'm not one who throws curse words around easily, however, "F#$@ That" and F#$@ what they've don...e to our environment, the ecosystem, the food chain, and the people, the wild life, and life as we knew it, damnit!!!

    The only thing more disheartening to me than the spill & it's obvious impact on the residents, the wildlife, and the future of this region of the country, is the fact that after 100 days, this disaster is being whitewashed and discounted as "really not that bad."

    Oh, people, it may SEEM like it's not "that bad" b/c BP's PR dollars and the Corexit did successfully get their bang for the buck in hiding the oil and getting the masses to believe that "it's not that bad," ...but...for those who have been following alternative non-MSM media outlets (thanks, John), it's actually much WORSE than what we've been shown. It's so bad, even, that our gov't is directing the EPA to lie to us regarding how "bad" it is (thanks, Hugh Kaufman).

    So you, Mr. Wathen, rank right up there with EPA's Hugh Kaufman on my list of current day heroes, as you are both trying to get the word out that all of this is MUCH WORSE than what our EPA would have us believe.

    John, please know that you, along with Riki Ott, Hugh Kaufman & Kindra Arneson are among my top 5 current day heroes. There are several others battling for the #5 spot on my list, as there are so many individuals who are worthy of recognition, however the top 4 mentioned will be forever ingrained in my heart & mind.

    Thanks again and again...and again X infinity to the Nth degree after that.

    Peace and love....and best wishes to keep fighting to good fight,
    From a tiny little beach town in NJ

  5. we're waiting for your next post-- regarding the all gone claim-- while we know its not gone- and its in the wter column- or on the sea bed- we wonder if in fact the oil slick can stil be seen from the air.. counting on you for the truth-thank you for your work!!!


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