Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breathing Toxic Oil Vapors?

Flight over ground zero of the BP Slick reveals oil residue on aircraft. Acid rain reported in Tuscaloosa Alabama the day before stemming from the gulf air. Coincidence????


  1. This is freaking amazing. Why .. because for the last 3 days I have had a sore throat. And here I thought I was catching something. Little did I know it was the vapors. Toxic Vapors at that.

    I was mad about all of this, now I'm really mad.

    I live 15 miles north of Columbus GA.

  2. Thank you, John for what you do.

    I've been convinced from Day 1 that this thing was going to be really ugly. It still has the power to surprise me. Unfortunately it's getting increasingly scary.

    I quickly calculated that the amount of oil must have been considerable to spread so much so fast. I still think that it's closer to 5 millions *Barrels* per day than the current reevalutations.

    I never imagined that the US government and its agencies would more or less deliberately leave a huge number of its inhabitants to get poisoned to death and die in the coming months and years. Not even the former USSR or Saddam Hussein did that.

    This oil disaster has now grown beyond the size of Tchernobyl. It's not just gross incompetence compounded with failure(s) of all kinds. A few weeks ago, I wrote that the USA was facing a systemic failure of the kind that hit the USSR after Tchernobyl. I'm afraid it's now going to be even worse.

    There is a kind of genocidal flavor in the air, if I dare speak that way. It's quite incredible that a presumably democratic country like the USA could passively genocide millions of its own inhabitants.

    What scares me is that this is not just a problem for the Gulf of Mexico and the southern part of the USA.
    This disaster will have massive impacts all around the world. The sea and the air and the water are going to be poisoned and contaminated by these products.

    If the USA and the Americans themselves cannot stop that cover-up and genocidal entreprise themselves I wonder how this is going to be stopped.
    Does that mean a kind of world war?

  3. Thank you for this information, the video was excellent in that it proves seeing is believing.

  4. We've noticed things along the panhandle of Florida too.
    On June 28, after outer bands of then Tropical Storm Alex hit our coast, and the rain dried- there was oily residue on sides of homes, pools and cars. Here's an iReport about the residue- it looks similar to what was on your plane.
    THANKS for all the info and flyovers.
    Below is the link and other reports of possible dispersants on the shoreline.


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