Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am leaving the Gulf Coast today....thank you to all of you!!

 This is a re-post of a message sent to me via Face Book. I removed the names for their privacy.
Evacuation is the only real option for some. I am no doctor or scientist but I am a Paw Paw and a father. I personally would get my kids and family the hell out of here!
Too many lies and misinformation from our BP owned government.
Message below...

"I am leaving the Gulf Coast today....thank you to all of you!!

Dear friends,
I am leaving the Gulf Coast today. I don’t know where this road will lead, but I know where I live is not safe. It has been a difficult decision, but I believe it is the best one for my wife and daughter. The last two months have been some of the most stressful of my life. Every day I see the worst case scenario stuff I've been posting coming true.
I am so exhausted I can’t write all I would like to write, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you. This page was just my way of fighting back, but it was great to see it really became something. I know I was hard on some people when they gave me shit for attacking their favorite puppet. After years of being insulted and attacked by sheeple, I decided I wasn’t going to deal with it here. The right/left stuff is nonsense and I refused to argue with people or bow to what they wanted me to say. All I had to do was click my mouse and the bleating was gone. My life is hard enough right now, banning morons was a no brainer:)
There were times lately I couldn’t sign on to my own page. The stress of hearing the rain, air, water is all toxic here. Tsunamis, fault lines, methane, evacuations….it’s just too much. When my friend filmed that “seep” the other night, it scared the hell out of me. The worst part is that even though my page has been ahead of the national news the whole time, there is not a single person in my family that supports my decision to leave. They are mad at me. Of course, not a single one of them even knows who Dr. Ott is or will even bother to listen to her. They know nothing of Corexit. My wife’s family listens and understands….mine either watch no news or Faux Noise...not sure which is worse:)
No offense, but I would give up the 20,000 of you to get my mom to look. Hell, she is an educator in one of the biggest hospitals in NW FL and thinks I’m paranoid for worrying about the air quality. My grandma actually called the EPA. They told her the air was fine, so she thinks I’m dumb too.
Right now, there is a storm forming that could head right into this mess and when I mention this most people get this dazed look on their face. All this shit will be all over my town when a hurricane hits and NO ONE is prepared. It’s easy to just say, “Oh well”, when it’s not your friends and family in danger, but, it keeps me up at night.
I have a ton to do, so I have to go. I will check in with you guys and the REAL info all my wonderful admins find from the road, when I can. We are trying to look at this as a working vacation and not an evacuation. All about the right frame of mind!
The best part about my page has been all the great friends I have made. People I’ve made admins and admins from other pages. Good people with good hearts. They have made this page and the effort to expose the truth effective. I may never meet some of them, hell, I don’t even know what some of them really look like….but I love them just the same. The kind words and support in these crazy times has meant more than they know. Some of them have provided future job opportunities in their towns and even a place to stay. I have a 16 month old daughter, so there are no words for how much that means to me and my family.
I really have to go to sleep…I have a LOT of driving to do later. If I forget to tag someone in this, please do it for me. I want to thank every one, but my brain is wore out! I love you guys! Good Bless!!


  1. John, I don't even know what to say. Thank you seems so empty. PLEASE know that there are people supporting you and people who know what you are doing and what you have had to go up against to do it. It is a bitter sweet to hear that you are leaving, although I feel you are making the right (the only) decision that is right for your family. Don't know if you've ever read a book called "The Road" but if so, brother, I say "keep the flame alive". I keep telling my children that adults are powerless...It's going to be up to the children to save their home and they can do it!!! I have also been telling them that this is not a "Gulf Spill" it is an American Disaster...Our country lie in ruin. Those around me think I'm crazy...why do I keep talking about it? After all, we're in Indiana, how could this possibly affect us? I'm afraid that mentality is the problem. We may all realize finally that we are all one....hopefully soon. Good Luck in all that you do. Indiana

  2. Good luck from France. You made the right move, you won't regret it.

  3. HC

    It takes courage as well as a healthy sense of reality to pick up your family and head for a better life somewhere else - maybe just life! You, your children and family will not regret this big step in the right direction. God expects us to use our brain when faced with situations as dire as this one. May He bless you and your family!

  4. HC et al

    If you're not the one who is leaving, WHY NOT?! The next "invitation" will come from FEMA!

  5. You are doing the right thing! You have to protect your family and hey if it isn't as bad as it may be you can always come back home. So be safe and follow your gut!
    Take Care and God Bless!

  6. John,

    This leaves me speechless, like so many others. I am not a local but have been following your every word and I thank you more than you will ever know. Your truth, our truth, needed to be told and you stepped up to the plate. It has meant a great deal to me and so many others. While you have gained many friends through all of this I constantly list you as one of my 5 current day heroes. I hope you feel the love and appreciation from the masses.

    Your voice from the dolphin flyover video is what first caught my attention and is forever ingrained in my mind and heart..I could feel your sadness in reporting a story that you wished was not true...but was right in front of your face..and when combined with the video I cannot think of any one piece of journalism that is responsible for catching the attention and opening the eyes of more people. You helped me open the eyes of others. For that I thank you.

    It's both frustrating and sad to think that people choose to ignore information that is here for them to see, but please know, while you may have not feel you have reached your mom, I'm sure she is proud...she just may not realize it until tomorrow or the next day. Any mom would be proud.

    Well this girl lives in a tiny little beach town in NJ and loves her (our) ocean and planet, and please know that you have inspired me to something...not quite sure what...but you have inspired my NEED to do something.

    In closing, I know I speak for many when I say that I am very sad to hear that you are relocating, but equally happy that you are moving toward safety and peace of mind.

    Now I know you will be around to tell the next part of the story if it's what you choose to do...but bottom line is that you will have that choice. If you ever need anything in my neck of the woods please message me on FB.

    Peace & Love & Thanks & Thanks Again,

    Emilie Policastro
    Sea Bright, NJ

  7. Ok...just went on FB and saw that this is a repost and that you are not leaving....sorry for the mixup....don't want to spread any misinformation....


  8. Today, I realized something terrifying. I am just a high school girl in Louisiana, but i've known what i wanted to do professionally since i was a child, and that was to be a marine mammal scientist. I had plans to go to galveston, tx for college and study in the gulf.
    I could never imagine going through life not knowing what you wanted to do with it, but today, i felt that uncertainty. My future profession is in jeopardy. This oil spill didnt just kill everything in the gulf, it killed my future and everyone else's who had a dream like mine.

    It has been the hardest blow i have ever recieved. I am terrified for what will happen to my ocean, my home, and my future...

    I have been on vacation in Norway to visit family, so most of the news on the oil spill has been based on your blog. I want to thank you for your time and effort to inform the people of what is happening to their ocean.


  9. AnaisOdd said...

    There will be an even bigger need for you in the future! Someone has to study and protect what's left.


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